September 11, 2015

Rue Bourbon Salcedo Bar and Restaurant - The Food

Rue Bourbon is not an unfamiliar name within the bar scene in Metro Manila. It is a well known place for yuppies and college folks who like to chill and have a few drinks after office hours or on weekends. I'm familiar with the their BGC branch (which I think is their flagship store) but never got to set foot  in it. A few days ago I was invited at their Salcedo Makati branch and though I don't drink anymore I said yes after learning there's more to this place than being just a bar. Oh yes to #LamonPaMore!

Rue Bourbon Bar and Restaurant derived its name from the World Famous Bourbon Street, located in the heart of New Orleans. This street is primarily known as the central hub for the Mardi Gras Parade, an annual festivity that sees different cultures coming together in one Grand Street Party. Bourbon Street usually comes alive in the evenings, where the night reveals packed Streets, curious Tourists, and friendly Locals, all gathering in one place with a common goal: to eat, drink, and be merry!

Their Salcedo branch is a 2-storey nook tucked in the corner of Tordesillas and H.V. dela Costa St. The place is small compared to other bars but the seats are cozy and the place is designed to look like Western pubs decorated with vintage and New Orleans inspired interiors...quite fitting actually because they take from the French-inspired/Cajun/Creole style of drinking and dining. I wasn't very particular with the music though since I was expecting a more relaxed jazzy-old-rhythm-and-blues kinda music but maybe it's just me...yes that part of the aging me. By the way this write up about Rue Bourbon will be divided into 2 parts one for the drinks and one for the food. You will know why later...

To be honest I was surprised of the huge variety of menu entries of Rue Bourbon and mind you that they put heart into their restaurant side of business, the food are being cooked and prepared by chefs! Whoa didn't see that coming!

After saying hi to familiar and new faces and upon settling down on a large couch fit for a mafia lord (plush dark leather couch) on one of the corners at the second floor... the gastronomic squall begun! Brace yourselves because I know you will scratch your head later on after seeing what I stuffed my 2-fists sized stomach with... in a short span of time! And please forgive me if I was not able to remember the names of the sauces and ingredients, they're too many and my brain can only keep few infos... #excuses

Bourbon Onion Ringsa panko breaded onion rings, deep fry to golden brown and crisp. Served with original bbq sauce and chili remoulade. I'm a fan of onion rings and this are fried well, not too oily and just the right amount of seasoning. Comes with two dips: bourbon and aioli. I love the aioli dip with the calamari. 

Calamari n' Fries a panko breaded squid strips, deep fry to golden brown. Served with spicy aioli dip. Bar food staples yeah? The fries were seasoned with Cajun seasoning. Deep fried just right. The calamari had the right amount of tenderness to it. Not rubbery at all.

Sisig Nachos a crisp colorful tortilla chips, topped with our sauteed pork sisig and red onions. Crisp tortilla chips, drizzled in our homemade dressing, topped with sauted sisig. Ok this is a spin to the regular nachos; I've tasted several sisig nachos in my life and this by far is the best (my favorite from all that we got to try) sisig nachos. The pork reminded me of Bread Talk's floss and adobo flakes. I had too much of this actually, even until the end of the night and the chips were already soggy. I didn't care because it was too darn good!

Bacon and Beef Potatoes crisp potato wedges, drizzle with cheese sauce, topped with home made chili con carne and bacon bits. Definitely an entry that would best go with drinks. Check out the generous amount of bacon bits, ground beef and cheese on that thing! I know you can say you're as if close to heaven with this dish.

Four Cheese Pizza - thin crust based with bechamel sauce, topped with mozzarella, quickmelt, parmesan, roasted garlic & feta cheese and oven to perfection. Who doesn't love cheese? You got 4 in one pizza and I'm pretty sure you can't ask for more. The pizza came with 2 types of seasoning too, which I think are exclusive to Rue Bourbon: Chili Verde (hot) and Habanero (super hot). I put some Chili Verde on my slice and it wasn't that hot as I thought it would be; which was perfect since I have low tolerance to spicy food.

Spinach, Pizza and Marinara Dips - Spinach Dip (is a cheezy sauteed spinach. Served with toasted sour bread) Beef Marinara Dip (is a marinara based with flavored beef, topped with oregano mayo sauce and chifonade basil). Pizza Dip (is a based of cheese with pomodoro sauce, topped with cheese, ground beef and pepperoni.Oven to perfectioned. Served with toasted sour bread). They are ordered per pan and comes with toasted garlic bread. They are already a meal themselves actually. Everyone's favorite was the spinach dip and all were good!

Oyster Rockefeller - freshly baked oyster with Rockefeller sauce. The sauce placed in each oyster shell was generous. I had to to to scrape up everything, or more slurp the remaining cheese.

Buffalo Wings Platter -Buffalo Wings (is a breaded deep fry chicken wings tossed with  our very own spicy buffalo sauce. Served with blue cheese dip and vegetable sticks). Bourbon Wings (is a breaded deep fry chicken wings tossed with  our very own sweet and spicy bourbon sauce. Served with blue cheese dip and vegetable sticks) Asian Wings (is a breaded deep fry chicken wings tossed with  our very own sweet chili cilantro sauce. Served with blue cheese dip and vegetable sticks). Breaded chicken wings, tossed in Asian, Buffalo and Bourbon sauces and comes with a bleu cheese dip. Everything was spicy so I was only able to try the least spicy and it was still so spicy for me! LOL! But the bleu cheese was good and it helped lessened the spiciness.

Seafood Lasagna - is a home made seafood lasagna with special mint tea sauce. I forgot to take my antihistamine that day but this looks so tempting and let fate decide whether I would die from allergy, for as long as I was able to try this. Good thing it didn't trigger my allergies and the risk was worth it! This is also my favorite!

Angel Hair Seafood Pasta is a garlic olive oil based with sauteed mussels and shrimp. tossed with angel hair pasta. The sauce of this pasta was superb! It had a certain saltiness to it that clinged to the thin pasta so well. the sauce and the pasta alone satisfied me.

Pork Ribs: Double Juicy Ribs (Our Juicy Ribs are Oven Heated, not Grilled, in order to retain its tenderness; Served with java rice, buttered corn and potato fries). Half Slab (Our Juicy Ribs are Oven Heated, not Grilled, in order to retain its tenderness; Served with java rice, buttered corn and potato fries). Slow roasted pork ribs, served with a choice of rice or dirty mashed potato & buttered vegetables. And you can choose one topping for each order or additional for 30 pesos I think. The ribs already came with their own sauce but the toppings are for additional flavoring. I was curious to try the ribs with the caramel and the chocolate, and surprise surprise! They tasted insanely good! The best seller is the sriracha but I have to say my favorite was the caramel and chocolate sauce. The serving for the ribs was worth the price because of how big and generous the sauce, the side dishes and the rice were. This could feed two people already!

Double Juicy Ribs - came with Jack Daniel's sauce

Half slab - came with the Bourbon sauce

ribs toppings: caramel, chocolate, chicharon, sriracha, pesto, chimichurri, cajun parmesan and roasted garlic

Shrimp Po Boy Sandwhich - I need to be honest that I didn't get to try this one anymore. have you seen all that I've tried already? I can't stuff myself anymore additional food. But this one looked definitely appetizing.

Here's the deal, everything is great! My mind was blown away actually with how delicious their food were! Ohhhh... the sisig nachos and the dips and the ribs and it's unique sauces... I'm getting hungry just thinking about them while writing this. The prices of the menu entries are just right for how big their servings are; almost everything is meant for sharing. 

photo-op with the staff

I must not forget to mention the chefs, staff, bartenders and the manager of Rue Bourbon for a great service! 5 stars for the stellar service! They were very accommodating, informative, friendly and helpful. These people is the reason why a business flourish. Thank you guys for making us feel like we're regulars!

Rue Bourbon is more than what meets the eye; it. is. more. than. a. bar. I love moments when life surprises me and gives me something beyond my expectations. Yeah Rue Bourbon just got me served!

Head on over to this link for the drinks we got to try at Rue BourbonRue Bourbon Bar and Restaurant - The Drinks

Rue Bourbon Bar and Restaurant
Salcedo Makati branch:
G/F Aguirre Bldg. Tordesillas St., cor H.V. Dela Costa St, 
Salcedo Village Makati City
Landline: (02) 553-4216
BGC branch:
Unit 153 Forbes Woods Heights
Rizal Ave. Cor 29th St.
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City
Landline: (02) 659-8693
Eastwood branch:
City Walk 2, Eastwood City, 
Bagumbayan, Quezon City
Landline: (02) 570-0984
Tagaytay branch:
Sky Ranch, Tagaytay City, Cavite
Landline: (046) 413 3179

For more information and restaurant reviews, check out their Zomato profile:
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