September 9, 2015

Go With The Flow Sale from

Going with the flow most of the time comes with a negative connotation. It means to move along with the prevailing forces or to accept the prevailing trend. There’s a quote that says, “Only a dead fish goes with the flow”. But sometimes going with the flow is responding to signs from the universe and I don’t man horoscopes or related things to it. When you go with the flow, you’re surfing life’s forces. It’s more on trusting and total collaboration with what’s showing up in front of you. There are things that we try so hard to resist when it fact they are the ones shaping us to be a better person. I know a lot o people who are afraid of changes and most of the time it gets them nowhere. So if you have a an inkling that something god will present at the end of the change or struggle then go with it.

Speaking of going with the flow, one of my fave online store, is currently having  a promotion with the same name: GO WITH THE FLOW. In this promotion you can discover the most natural styles from SheIn. The promotion will run until September 14 only and you can use the coupon code flow34 to get 34% off for orders over US$69.

Here are my top picks from this promotion and I’ve picked out the pieces perfect for the Autumn season up ahead:
  >> Grey Long Sleeve Pockets Trench Coat (click here for more details)
  >> Apricot Long Sleeve Loose Knit Cardigan (click here for more details)

  >> Black Floral Color Block Skirt (click here for more details)
  >> Beige Long Sleeve Off The Shoulder Sweater (click here for more details)

  >> Green Long Sleeve Backless Split Maxi Dress (click here for more details)
  >> Pink Pleated Maxi Skirt (click here for more details)

  >> Black Long Sleeve Letter Print Sweatshirt (click here for more details)
  >> White Long Sleeve V Neck Blouse (click here for more details)

   >> Army Green Long Sleeve Lapel Coat (click here for more details)
  >> Khaki Sleeveless Lapel Vest (click here for more details)
Check out the entire collection by clicking the photo and links below:
Go With The Flow!
Discover The Most Natural Style From SheIn!
Don't Miss It!
Take 34% OFF Over US$69    Code:flow34
Ends: September/14

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