September 19, 2015 is Waiting For You!

I don't know about you, but I am someone who struggles with the thought of waiting. Yes, I can be a little impatient which I hate to admit. But it’s one of the virtues that I want to hasten. I saw a quote one time that says “patience is the ability to wait but how you act while you're waiting”. I’m guilty again, most of the time I get easily riled up if I'm standing in line for a couple of minutes for whatever service it is I'm going to avail of. I owe it probably to me getting easily bored. But if something or someone makes me wait for no good reason at all, like people who doesn't care if they are wasting someone else’s time, then I guess that getting annoyed while waiting can be justifiable. I have had a lot of plans that have been put on hold for some time, for reasons I think are beyond my control. That is probably the best time I can apply my patience. And not to rush into things just because I want to have it right here right now.


Anyway, enough of sharing my random thoughts, I'm here to share you guys with some good news instead. One of my fave online store, is currently having  a promotion which is entitled  Waiting For You! (Ha! Thus the random rumblings…) The promotion will run until September 21 only and you can use the coupon code WAIT32 to get 32% off for orders over US$59 or the code WAIT34 to get 34% off for orders over US$109.
Here are my top picks from this promotion and I've picked out the pieces perfect for the Autumn season up ahead:
 >> Army Green V Neck Belt Coat (click here for more details)
>> Grey Off the Shoulder Lace Loose Sweatshirt (click here for more details)

 >> Grey Long Sleeve Contrast Lace Knit Cardigan (click here for more details)
>> Army Green Sleeveless Pockets Vest (click here for more details)

 >> Grey Long Sleeve Color Block Sweater (click here for more details)
>> Army Green Lapel Drawstring Waist Outerwear (click here for more details)

 >> Grey Lapel Long Sleeve Loose Coat (click here for more details)
>> Purple Dip Hem Sequined Top (click here for more details)

>> Black Stand Collar Zipper Crop Jacket (click here for more details)
>> Khaki Lapel Dip Hem Loose Coat (click here for more details)

Check out the entire collection by clicking the photo and links below:

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