September 30, 2015

Be the Prom Queen with MsDress

I am someone who plans for what I am going to wear, even if I am attending an event that is still months away. I love to dress up especially if I have enough time to prepare and choose outfits. If I am attending an event, say like a wedding or a party; I always plan a complete ensemble weeks in advance and sometimes way to ahead. 

Yes, that is from head-to-toe: dress, shoes, accessories, what makeup and hair would best suit my outfit etc. Let’s don’t be a bunch of charlatans and admit that we all want to look good most of the time and be able to dress to impress. Nobody wants to go to a party wearing tattered clothes right?

Unfortunately during my prom, I wasn’t able to really put a good thought on my outfit.  From what I can remember, my mama and I just went to the mall and just picked whatever was on the racks that caught my eye. 

I even had my make up done in a neighborhood salon, which at that time, doing make up wasn’t as great as nowadays. So you probably guessed it right that up until this day, I dread seeing photos of me taken during my prom. Thanks goodness I have lost already lost those photos.

Girls of today are lucky enough that they have a lot of avenues to look for outfit ideas for their prom. Back in my day, you only rely on what you think “would” look nice on you. Now you have so many websites and social media that can help you in putting up your outfits.

I like the idea of a very formal prom, like that on what they did on Gossip Girls. If I was still in high school, I would really have loved attending one like that. You know, in a ballroom of a nice hotel wearing one of those dreamy Prom Ball Gowns and you I get to be asked out by someone to be their prom date. Because it wasn’t like that when I was in high school, there are no dates whatsoever. You get to mingle only with your batch mates.


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