October 2, 2015

Sammydress Satchel Bags Wishlist

I  am not much of a bag lover and more of a shoe lover. Of course I want to have a couple of bags that I can alternately use to keep their purpose longer. Although most of the time,  I tend to get lazy to switch bags because I have the tendency to forget to transfer something from one bag to the other.

But just like any other girl or woman out there, I would love to have an ample amount of bag collection that will go along with my clothes and accessories. I oftentimes find myself using a bag that doesn’t fir what I am wearing and since I don’t have that much bag, I just  use whatever will look ok with the outfit. 

I am not also particular when it comes to brands, as long as I like the style, it’s within my budget and it’s roomy enough to carry all my daily necessities, I’m ok with it. I usually go for the bigger bags because I carry a lot of stuff with me every day. It irks me off if I forgot something or don’t have what I need readily available in my bag. You’d seldom find me toting a teeny-tiny bag. I am only forced to use one when I’ll be attending a special or formal occasion.

I recently checked my  humble bag collection and found that most of them had worn out already. That’s when I started looking online for bags that would fit my liking. I’m currently thinking of getting a satchel. It’s roomy, it’s comfortable to carry around and getting one in a classic color would give me my money’s worth because I can use it practically with any outfit.

I actually don’t have a satchel bag and it would be a nice addition to my worn-out assortment. Satchels are schooldays-inspired - a perfect alternative to a hefty handbags and are ideal for a day out. That’s why I’m thinking of getting one. Check out these bags that are currently on my wish list.

You also check out these bags, discover more and shop a range of satchel bags from  Sammydress. By the way, which one in my wish list do you think I should get?
You can find these bags here: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

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