October 25, 2015

Tambayan 101 - New Hangout Place in Manila

I remember when I was in college, I used to have classes that are hours apart. One of my classes ends at 2:00 pm and after that, the next class would start at 7:00pm. Most of the time, me and my classmates would look for things to do or places to go to spend that 5-hour gap. 

It was really boring to have to wait that long so most often than not, we end up just going home and not attending that class anymore. The place where my college was don’t have many options for students to stay, study or just pass time. Unlike now that it is one of the booming business district in the metro. 

co-owners Kevin Tan  and Ron Jeric Chan
How I wish we had something like Tambayan 101 near our college back then. Tambayan 101 is a newly opened hang-out and food place near De La Salle University, College of St. Benilde, Adamson University and St. Scholastica’s College in Metro Manila. That area is brooding with so many establishments like restaurants, cafes and internet shops, but it rarely has a place where students can really pass time while they are waiting for their next class or just want to hang out with friends.

Tambayan 101 is somewhat a new idea conceptualized by a group of student-entrepreneurs. They aim to provide a unique hang out experience to both students and non-students alike by offering good food, cozy areas to chill, study, rehearse, make thesis, play PS games or watch movies.

The food that they offer are mostly sandwiches and finger foods. They also have coffee, cocoa and smoothies. What surprised me though, is the quality of the food that they offer. At first you would think it’ll be just ordinary since their market are students who live on allowance alone. But their staff are trained cooks and baristas, they even use Pastrami ham, All My Tea Iced Tea and Ghirardelli cocoa! Not only that, the serving sizes are big (especially the nachos) and nothing is priced beyond 200 pesos!

So here’s the food and drinks that we got to sample: 
Carne Franks and fries

Salami Burger and fries

 Cheeseburger and fries

 Pastrami sandwich and fries

BLT sandwich and fries

Clubhouse sandwich and fries

Buffalo wings 

Onion Rings:

 Waffles with bacon and maple syrup

 Waffles with strawberry jam and syrup

 Chocolate waffles with melted chocolate dip 

 French fries (available in 3 flavors: cheese, sour cream and barbecue)


All My Tea iced tea

Ghirardelli hot cocoa

Iced Latte

 Strawberry Cooler

Tambayan 101 is located in Bonita Residencia Building which is actually and initially built to be a dormitory, but the owner and the student-entrepreneurs decided to turn the first 3 floors into a restaurant/game rooms/movie rooms. 

Each co-owner designed the rooms which gives every room a theme. Customers can rent the room for a fee and order food from the restaurant on the first floor. You can actually do just about anything you want while availing of their movie rooms, like rehearse if you have a band (just like a the group of students did when we visited the place), play PS4 games, you can even hold a small gathering or party in one of the rooms. 

Just don't think about doing something inappropriate because the doors of the rooms have a huge glass window for the roaming staff/guard to check what the people are doing inside other than that you can do all kinds of fun stuff with your classmates or friends. 
with co-bloggers and owners of Tambayan 101

Non-students are also welcome to the place to enjoy the food and all the other services that they have to offer. But I know deep down inside of us who are all done with college wished we were back in school right? Yeah!

Tambayan 101
976 Don Ysidoro Street, Malate, Manila
+63 02 708 6071
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Tambayan-101-1644809992425297
For more information and restaurant reviews, check out their Zomato profile:
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