October 14, 2015

Will You Give Me The Honour and be my Bridesmaid?

I have to say I always love weddings. I love attending them as well; whether I am a guest, a coordinator or part of the bridal entourage. I am proud to say I have experienced every level of being part of a wedding from being flower girl, to a bridesmaid, to being a maid-of-honor and now a matron-of-honor to one of best friend's wedding next year. 

I love being a part of someone's wedding and even the thought of being invited in a wedding is a huge privilege to me. It actually pains me to see that people nowadays, when they get invited to a wedding, they feel like the bride and groom owe them something. When in fact, the attitude  should be  that being invited in a wedding, more so if you're being chosen as part of the bridal entourage, you should feel privileged in a humble manner. 

Everytime I get to be chosen as part of a wedding, I always get elated and I always tell the bride and groom that the honour of being a bridesmaid or a maid of honor is always mine. And of course I do my best to be help to the bride and groom in anyway that I can. 

The word bridesmaid literally means being the extra hand of the bride. A bridesmaid is not part of a wedding just to dress up, have her hair and make up done and walk the aisle with all the bridal entourage. Some of the tasks of the bridesmaids include giving comfort, consoling especially the bride, offer help in pre- and post wedding tasks and activities, do some wedding related errands for the couple, be the receiving line during the reception, assist other guests, make the bride as comfortable and feeling beautiful on her wedding day as much as possible etc etc.

It kind irks me whenever I encounter bridesmaids or wedding entourage members who act like they are the stars of the wedding, when it should be the two very people getting married, right? right! Be the best bridesmaid your friend or relative has ever known by giving plenty of emotional support before, during and even after the wedding proper. 

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