October 23, 2015

Bloggys 2015: Philippine Blogging Awards

Hey everyone! I hope everything's well with you all. Anyway, I'm just so excited to share with you all this upcoming event for bloggers. This is called Bloggys 2015, which is the Philippines' Blogging Awards. There will be a Gala Night on Nov 21 2015 at SM Aura.

Bloggys is a nationwide blog awarding event in the Philippines. It continues the legacy of recognizing Filipino bloggers through a variety of niches and industries across the nation.

I would like to invite everyone to take part in making history. Whatever it is you are doing in life, you’re welcome to nominate your own or someone else’s blog.

Voting has started and me and my sister are nominated. Although I am not really hoping to win since I am up against too many already well known bloggers it wouldn't hurt if you guys could support us! You can vote for us here: bloggys.ph/section-4/ and tick the box for sandundermyfeet.com and phantasmdarkstar.com 

You can also find the list of bloggers attending the event here: bloggys.ph/whos-attending/
This event is also open for businesses who want to engage their products and services with bloggers who have a great audience which could be a great platform for making online influence. If you want to know more about or be part this event please do check out the site here:  http://bloggys.ph

Thanks a bunch! I'm super excited to meet all the other bloggers attending the Gala Night! Also I'm pretty glad that I get to fulfill a one from my bucket list: to attend a formal event!

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