October 16, 2015

Beach Wedding with Cocomelody

Since I am in love with the sand under my feet and with the beach, my dream wedding was actually a beach wedding. I have envisioned myself walking on bare feet and my soles would feel the soft white sand on my soles as I do my wedding march. But unfortunately that wasn’t fulfilled. Well who knows? Maybe if I’ll have another wedding again in the future, I might actually push thru with that dream. And if that does happen I will make sure everything will be perfect.

You know, where my aisle would be fine white sand and my carpet instead of red one would be hundreds and hundreds of scattered rose petals. And my backdrop will be a beautiful sunset in all its glory and guests would sure have the greatest time of their lives. I would have a sort of like a beach BBQ reception complete with a seafood buffet. Wouldn’t that be awesome?


And for my attire, I will scour the web for beach wedding dresses and would look for the flowiest dress that I could find. You know, the one that’s not too casual and still looks elegant. A dress that would still look so pretty even if the sea breeze is blowing upon it. Something that would probably made of very soft silk chiffon or very soft cotton, so I would be comfortable in a humid summer afternoon.


Thank goodness for the internet because you can find all the things and ideas a future bride can get, like if she’s looking for  destination wedding dresses. A out of websites out there like Pinterest and TheKnot are readily available for ideas. 

As for where to buy wedding dresses, may I suggest that you check out Cocomelody. They have tons and tons of great and beautiful wedding dresses for any kind of wedding theme that you have in mind.

Plus they have an ongoing sale campaign that you can check out and avail of in case you’re taking in consideration of a beach or a destination wedding theme. 

Featured wedding dresses here are my top picks which you can check out here: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

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