October 9, 2015

Cruising Magazine x Zomato Travel For Food: C' Italian Dining

Life can be monotonous at times. The daily routine of getting up so early in the morning, go to work, then bracing the Manila traffic just to get home leaving me 4-5 hours of sleep a day, then repeat for few more days. Most of the time when somebody ask me to go out on a weekday, I usually turn it down. But sometimes, I get so burned out to the core that I say what the heck, I never get to sleep that much anyway. And sometimes you thank yourself for yielding and breaking the monotony.

So when one of my lil' sisters Princess (phantasmdarkstar.com) brought me along to this event by Zomato.com and Manila Bulletin's Cruising Magazine. I forgot how weary I am from the day's work. Also, the event will be held in a restaurant just a block away from where I work so I did not have to worry about the travel.

The event is entitled Taste: #TravelForFood. It is a series of events for Cruising Magazine's 16th anniversary. Where Zomato and Cruising will visit 16 restaurants that represents cuisines from different countries without leaving Metro Manila. 

The event was held at C' Italian Dining at Toledo St., Salcedo Village. C'Italian originated in Pampanga and is very known there. Their Salcedo branch is their 3rd branch and 2nd in Metro Manila.

It's a high-end restaurant serving authentic and great Italian food. At first one may get intimidated dining there, since it is located in a posh area in Salcedo Village surrounded by high-end condominiums and other restaurants. But surprisingly the prices of their menu entries aren't that much. Plus C'Italian is known to serve great food, so paying more means you get what's worth the money you shed.

Upon arriving, I got to meet the people behind Zomato.com and other Zomato foodies (bloggers) - which are such a great  and very friendly bunch of people who have a great passion for food. I felt like I knew them for a long time already.

Before the dinner, there was a little program and the peeps from Manila Bulletin held some games. I was nominated by the people from our table to join one of the games which was described as a "fear factor" kind of a game. There was a saucer covered with foil and I will have to be blindfolded and will guess what's on the plate. I was scared thinking on it would be crawling insects or some exotic food. I was so gullible and kept saying "it doesn't crawl, does it? right?" Then I figured they were not insects or exotic delicacy but where only spices (paprika, rosemary, parsley and basil). I was able to guess 3 out of 4 and went home with a very nice prize at the end!

After which, dinner was served. We were treated with complimentary Italian bread (with olive oil/pesto dip), Italian Soda, panizza, truffle sauce pasta and tiramisu -- C'Italian's best sellers. 
Italian bread with olive oil/pesto dip for appetizer

Italian Soda with cherry

The C' Original Panizza is a C' Italian Dining's very own creation back in 2004. It is a fine crisp dough layered with a blend of different cheeses and herbs, perfected with favorite toppings. We were served with the Kristina panizza. The Kristina contains bacon, ham, caramelized onions, sun dried tomatoes and mushroom. They are sliced into strips and you need to put arugula and alfalfa sprouts over it and roll it. It was sooo good even without any added condiments. The alfalfa and arugula added more flavor to the already flavorful panizza. This is a must try!

Linguine Al Tartufo E Prosciutto contains pasta with truffle cream sauce topped with Parmesan, prosciutto and asparagus. It was such a luxurious pasta, well, come on, the sauce is made of truffles for crying out loud! Who wouldn't want that? I for one don't get to eat as much food with truffle on it. It was truly a treat!

For desserts, we get to enjoy tiramisu! I loved that it had just the perfect sweetness to it. Total heaven!

The ambiance of C'Italian has some kind of bistro feel to it. The walls are made from large stones, plus chairs and the kitchen was separated from the dining hall with a large viewing window. There's also a private room for small functions and meetings and an al fresco area. 

The walls are decorated by paintings which are creations by one of the owners. One part of the wall also had a display rack containing plates that had been signed by local and international celebrities and personalities who had dined before at C'Italian.

Well, I could say I was happy on my way home even if I know I wouldn't get enough sleep for another day's work. I was able  to meet a great group of people from Zomato and Cruising Magazine, got my tummy full with a nice dinner from C'Italian Dining and was able to break the monotony of what should have been a boring work week.

Big thanks to Zomato.com and Cruising Magazine!

C' Italian Dining
L' Ermitage Apartments, 115 L.P. Leviste Street 
Corner Toledo Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City
Telephone: +632 478-1521
Operating Hours: Mon-Sun 11:00 am-10:30 pm
Facebook: www.facebook.com/c.italian.dining
Instagram: instagram.com/citaliandining

For more information and restaurant reviews, check out their Zomato profile:
C' Italian Dining Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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