October 15, 2015


I don't know if I can actually call this a haul, because it only contains 2 items. I've been resisting online shopping lately and just gave in to this purchase since I was able to accumulate quite a number of bonus points and received a 40% off coupon code via email for being a loyal SheIn customer. Anyhow, I got these 2 items not necessarily because of the monotone color but basically because how stylish they look.

I love shopping at SheIn, because they have so many items that I don't get to see in stores back here in my country. The items that I buy from SheIn are truly unique pieces, and I haven't (fortunately) bump into someone or have seen someone who wears the same items I got from SheIn.

Black Stand Collar Zipper Simple Coat  
Since the cold weather brought about by the holiday season is coming, I thought I should get a jacket that’s befitting the tropical holiday weather. What I have now are a bunch of sweaters, and worn out hoodie and a PU leather jacket. The hoodie  looks so old already that I don’t want to really wear it and it’s too casual and rugged for work. 

The PU leather jacket is just too warm to wear if it’s not raining or we don’t have a storm back here. This is just perfect. It’s not too light nor not to warm to wear. The material also looks like it's waterproof, like the ones they use for mountain-climbing jackets. Its design is so simple and sleek that I guess I can pair it with just about everything. 

There are simple details on this jacket too that gives it some edge, like the zip pockets on the sleeves and the edges of the sleeves and at the hem. The fit is quite great too. It’s supposed to be somewhat loose just like how the model on the website was wearing, but I wanted mine to be just right so I got the small one.  

When I opened the packaging , I thought to myself, “gosh, would it fit me? It looked so small.” Lo and behold, it fits just the way how I wanted it. The sleeves’ length ends just where I would like them to be, not shorter or longer. I think this is my best purchase from SheIn.com so far and will surely be my favorite of all my cold-weather clothing. Also with its retail price, I pretty much think it’s quite a steal.

Black Short Sleeve Floral Crochet Crop T-Shirt

This one of those SheIn items that I’m talking about, a unique piece you can't just find anywhere. The moment I saw this I fell in love with it right then and there. But it took me a while to be able to finally add it to my cart. Who wouldn't like this top? 

It looks so chic and sophisticated. The laser cut-out detailing are made with quality even the cloth used for it, it looks like leather actually. You can also notice that the top most part is made of a see through material adding more drama to this already head-turning blouse. I gotta say whoever the one who thought of the design of this blouse is a genius!

Just like the jacket, I thought this top wouldn't fit me, they actually look small after taking them out of the plastic packaging. Thank goodness the material of this blouse had a bit of stretch to it so nothing was squeezed in or nothing was bulging. Totally a great buy as well! This top comes in other varieties and colors as well which you can check out down below.

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>> Black Short Sleeve Floral Crochet Crop T-Shirt

>> White Round Neck Embroidered Mesh T-Shirt
>> Black Round Neck Embroidered Mesh T-Shirt
>> White Short Sleeve Floral Crochet Crop T-Shirt
I know, this haul is not much, but I think what it included are very worthwhile pieces which will be my favorites for quite some time. Let me know what you think of my recent SheIn haul?
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