October 19, 2015

Timeless Lace Wedding Dresses from Landbridal

Of all the cloths that have been invented, my two most favorite would be silk chiffon and lace. These two materials make up most of my clothing items; chiffon because it' lightweight and flowy and lace because of its allure and elegance. Lace is probably the most timeless material ever made, I can bet that lace is always in all of the fashion era, whatever the trend is I'm pretty sure that a piece in every designer's collection has or had utilized lace in there.

Lace can be pretty expensive, especially the ones done by scratch or by hand. Good thing that modern technology has enable manufacturers to produce them in faster ways and in vast amounts, making it available to more people at a more affordable cost. It has now easily available to the masses unlike before that only the upper class can buy them.

Since lace is a timeless clothing material it always been used for casual, evening and wedding dresses. Most weddings nowadays tend to take the vintage theme, lace wedding dresses has become the trend in the bridal fashion world. 

They have sort of became magnets for future brides, which for me is not surprising at all. If I had the budget, I would have also chosen a wedding dress made of lace. Well, who knows, if I get another chance to have another wedding, I would save up and have a wedding dress made entirely of lace.

There already a handful of bridal shops including online ones that offer lace wedding dresses at affordable prices. One of them is Landybridal, which does not only offer gorgeous lace wedding dresses but they can also customize dresses to make them fit brides like gloves. 

Getting married soon? Check out these lace wedding dresses and other wedding dresses 2016 at www.landybridal.com
You can find the dresses featured in this article by ticking these links: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

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  1. I do think hiring a wedding planner is quite necessary if you have enough budget and it's a medium or large wedding with at least 100 wedding guests! 

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  2. Awwww Lovely...

    This is beautiful...

    These are perfect poses clicked at perfect time. The most important thing is the simplicity, elegance, beauty and charm carried by the bride.

  3. All wedding gowns are unique and amazing. Thanks for sharing these lovely dresses.


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