September 28, 2015

#DoItAllHair: The New Pantene Hair Fall Control Line

Our hair will always be our crowning glory. Hair loss can really affect a woman’s confidence and self-esteem and in turn, it really does have a negative impact on their lives. We all know when you look good you feel good and exude confidence in all aspects of your life. I have done so many things to my hair and thank goodness it hasn't give up on me just yet. No matter how much I torture my hair it still is one of my best assets.

I first dyed my hair in late 2007 and since then it had undergone so much beating. I had it rebonded a couple of times, Brazilian blow-dried, cut to all lengths, dyed it so many times, blow dried and flat-iron ed regularly and exposed it to sunlight and seawater for long hours. The damaging effects of all these chemical treatments and natural elements are very visible; my hair is frizzy, wavy and looks dry. I can't live without conditioner; shampoo alone leaves my hair very coarse and unmanageable. It is like combing the strands of a broom if I don't use conditioner. And then there is hair fall, every time I shower I always see a lot of hair on the bathroom floor and they aren't just a few. There’s one point I thought I have some dreaded disease because the amount of hair fall was very unusual.

Hair fall or hair loss can be brought about by many reasons: genetics, stress and trauma, nutrition and diet, health, medication, environment, life changes and ageing. Our hair endure a tedious process everyday just to keep it looking great. Hair fall and thinning hair is a serious issue which is thankfully, now can be addressed by breakthrough products like the Pantene Hair Fall Control series. 

I happen to have the chance to try out this new line from one of the world’s leading brand of hair care products: Pantene. I received mine from Sample Room and of course I didn’t let the opportunity pass and immediately tried out this newest Hair Fall Control line from Pantene.

The package contained the Hair Fall Control Shampoo, Conditioner and the 3-Minute Miracle Conditioner. I have already reviewed the 3-Minute Miracle before, and have nothing but praises for it. This new line from Pantene with its new ingredient histadine strengthens the inside of hair at the structural level, have a lasting strength for reduced hair fall due to breakage and are specially designed for daily use.  

Pantene Hair Fall Control Shampoo
These is the first step in all hair care routine – cleanse. With daily use it strengthens hair from base to tip, promising up to 98% less hair fall. 

Pantene Hair Fall Control Conditioner
The second step is to nourish your hair. It nourishes the hair from the root to tip to fortify it and prevent breakage that results from dehydration. Use every day for your daily reinforcement.

Pantene Hair Fall Control 3-Minute Miracle Conditioner
And the third step is to nourish it even more. The daily 3 minute miracle is for stronger, shinier hair.

So here’s what I have to say after using it for almost a week: 
>> It's creamy/gel like consistency is easy to lather or distribute all over my hair. A few dollops of the products are enough to coat everything and I have long hair now, mind you.

>> I know I’m not the only one who finger-combs their hair whenever they shampoo and use conditioner. And I must say it was very easy for me to remove the tangles from my wet hair during and after washing. Same thing goes when my hair is already dry. I seldom comb my hair during the day and only finger-comb it and honestly, it goes back in order even if I don’t use a brush and use just my fingers.  

>> What’s really very noticeable after using these new products is that it really does make my hair look healthier. I noticed that my usually unruly hair has tamed and that the frizzes have lessened dramatically.

>> I need to be honest, though…  I am not fond of the scent of these products; I find it too strong for my liking. Good thing that the smell deteriorates as the day goes by and only leaves me with fresh smelling hair all day long.

>> My hair is obviously more manageable and looks moisturized than before. It  is shinier too and isn’t as dull looking as it used to be. I also the tips of my hair have no split ends even if I haven't got a trim lately.

>> And most of all, I have noticed less to no fallen hair on my bathroom floor every after shower. Well, that’s something isn’t it? 
It has been my dream ever since to have that wash-and-wear hair that didn’t need any blow-drying or flat ironing just for it to look good. A hair that despite all the chemical treatments it had undergone can still look healthy and full of volume. I am quite convinced that if with continued and prolonged use, the new Pantene Hair Fall Control line will help repair my beaten and damaged hair (together with healthy living and avoiding stress). 

Check out this new Pantene Hair Fall Control line for stronger, shinier hair from the core. Hair that can take it all so you can do it all!

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  1. Today, it is just about the effective ways to deal with your hair issues when highly damaged but one should never think of using until and unless they can protect their hairs.

    Hair maturity

  2. Wow! Sobrang bagay sayo sis ng hair mo! Malaki din pala talaga yung mag babago kapag Pantene yung brand. I have my pantene hair fall conditioner that I bought at (, last year (nung december 2015 lang haha!), tapos wala pang 1 month ko syang gamit pero makikita agad yung improvement ng hair ko. Dun ko lang nasabi na trusted brand talaga yung Pantene kumpara sa Sunsilk na gamit ko before. Thanks for sharing sis! XOXO


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