September 20, 2015

L!FE Yoga Center: Inhale Love. Exhale Gratitude.

I was never an active person, I guess because I probably my right brain is more dominant and I'm more of an artist than a jock. I love sports and activities, only when I'm watching them. I didn't like P.E. class either. But there's always a point in my life that I'm forced to be active and/or do exercise. When you start to gain age, you know your metabolism gets slower. I always thought in college that I was fat or chubby, but now when I look back at my college photos or see my clothes back then, I always thought to myself, I wasn't that chubby than I am now. The pain of aging yeah...

I've tried many times to be active, go to the gym, run, do some aero or kickboxing etc etc. But I can't seem to find the perfect way to lose weight or be physically fit and healthy. My sister Hazel introduced me to yoga when she started practicing it a few years back. She's quite good at it now and is self-taught. I did yoga by myself at home, bought me a mat and have done it every now and then but not on a constant basis. I must say I enjoyed it amongst all the stuff I did to be fit. Probably because it's movements were more subtle and the breathing technique relaxes me. 

It's been months since I did last yoga so I was pretty excited when me and my sisters were invited to attend a yoga class at L!FE Yoga Center. It is a newly opened yoga place in Bonifacio Global City, they opened only last July at Eight Forbestown Road near Burgos Circle. We went on a Sunday morning and attended the Feel Good Flow class lead by Ms. Tesa Celdran.

L!FE Yoga Center is very inviting and colorful. The place is decorated with a mix of modern  and contemporary retro design with Buddhist and Hindu aspects thrown in between. You can also find a lot of mural art inside the center's walls. 


We had our class inside the first floor room which is not heated unlike the Lotus room on the second floor. They already have mats, blocks and straps available so you don't have to hassle yourself lugging a mat to class. Both rooms have a great view of a golf course and all that greens in front of you, added to the relaxing atmosphere. I even saw a squirrel climbing one of the branches, that got me a little bit distracted though hehe...

I've done and am familiar with yoga but I am still a beginner. It was a good thing that the class we attended with Ms. Tesa was perfect for both beginners and advanced yoga practitioners. Ms. Tesa's voice was very soothing, she would also help you do the poses properly. 

This is the difference with doing yoga by yourself and while in class, there's an instructor who can help you as you progress. And also, you have to complete the 1-hour class whether you like it or not. Because if I'm doing it at home by myself, when I get tired, that's the end of it. But I was surprised that even if it was a one-hour class, I wasn't that dog-tired, but instead I felt light and relaxed. I think I owe it to the proper way of breathing while doing yoga, which I only learned that morning. 

L!FE Yoga Center is complete with locker rooms, showers and toilets. They even provide shampoo, shower gel and hair dryer. The locker room is as colorful as the rest of the place with graffitis too!

They also have an in-house cafe called Vibe where you can get healthy refreshments and food. They also sell items you need for yoga practice and other knick-knacks.


Even though I am sore the week after, I must say I enjoyed the first time I attended a yoga class at L!FE Yoga Center. I've definitely learned a lot and was encouraged to do yoga on a regular basis now. 

L!FE Yoga Center offers different types of yoga classes and they are open from Monday thru Sundays. Below are the yoga classes, schedules and rates.

L!FE Yoga Center
2F Eight Forbestown Road BGC, 1634 Taguig, Philippines
Monday - Friday: 6:00 am - 10:00 pm
Saturday - Sunday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Contact Info: +639276921199, (02)8867500

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