January 19, 2018

Gamiss Valentine's Day Picks

Ahhh Valentine's Day, maybe you'll love it more or at least hate it less, as for me, I'm neutral to it. I mean, why can't we make it a year-round celebration of love and life? Why only commemorate it once a year when you can make everyday a Valentine's Day.

February 14th is oh so-quietly creeping up on us, it's buzzing with a mix of excitement, dread, and indifference. Valentine’s Day has become a fairly commercialized holiday, filled with cards, flowers, chocolates all aptly delivered by your significant other or friends or families, just in the name of love.

Tbh, I'm more excited about the sales and promos happening on this day: airfare sales (woot!), mall-wide sales and online promotions. Few of my fave online shops have something big in the bag, just like Gamiss Valentines Day 2018 and what's even more cool is that you can use this coupon codes: GamissChen to get more discounts too! Browsed there for a while and can't help but share with you guys my picks/wish list: 

But whether you’re celebrating this V-day with bae, your bffs or your couch and Netflix, take comfort in the fact that this holiday is actually historically rooted in something worth celebrating: LOVE.

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