January 29, 2018

Jetset In Style

What kind of traveler are you? Are you the backpacker type or the luxury traveler? I for one would be in the middle of the two. I can't see myself going on a vacation just bringing a single bag with me especially if it's a long trip. I would usually tow a mini luggage, a carry on and my handbag. That's because I don't want the feeling that I might left something at home. 

I also plan what I would wear from day 1 and so on and not just wear what I would pull from my suitcase and just go on with whatever what I have in there. I also bring more, at least 2 extra pairs of outfit or clothing just in case I don’t feel like wearing the ones that I have planned for that day. I always come prepared and yeah I am quite vain like that. It's what's left of my O.C.-ness. 

And since summer is just around the corner, I couldn’t be more excited of the trips that I’ll be going embarking on. Summer would probably be the best season for me; I believe that I was destined to be born in a tropical country. I’m not really fond of the rain nor the gloomy weather it brings which hinders you to do things or go out. I also happen to love the carefree and colorful summer fashion. Although I really haven’t experimented so much on color in my wardrobe, I love the colors that are associated with summer. They brighten up anyone’s day, do you agree?

I’m stuck at the monotonous routine of home-work-home-work at the moment. Which means I being home gives me time to browse and window shop online to search for outfits for my future trips. I’m currently checking out Zaful as it is one of my favorite online shops. All I do for now is click on the items that I like for the OOTDs that I have in mind and save it for later purchase.

Photos posted here are some of the items that I’m currently crushing on and adding to my wish list and cart. For more fashionable items you can always check out more  of them at Zaful. 

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