January 12, 2018

S/S '18 Wishlist + Rosegal Valentines Gifts

I'm amazed at how time flies if you're enjoying life at its fullest. Can you believe it that we're already halfway through the first month of the New Year?! I mean, hello, I'm pretty sure that it was just Christmas a while ago. Now we're looking forward to February. And what does February big about? Valentine's Day! 

Even before, I was never a fan of this holiday, whether or not that this holiday I'm in a relationship or not. But what I like about is that there's a lot of sale and promos during this time. Even my fave online stores are celebrating by having their rosegal valentines day 2018. So if you're big on V day then you should check out the rosegal valentines gifts 2018.

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As for me, I'm looking forward to our beach trip because yeah summer is just around the corner. I can already feel it through the weather. Man, the temperature is rising fast. Usually it's still cold in January to February but this time around that isn’t the case. Well it's always 365 days of summer here in the Philippines. 

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I love the beach and the sea so much! And of course while having fun there I also want to be always in style when you I the beach. No stylish swimsuit at hand to stroll down the beach? Rosegal has got your back! It's one of my go-to sites for my swimwear needs. 

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I find solace in Rosegal’s Swimsuit collection and hunt for that sexy, stylish, fun and perfect beach wear that’ll make heads turn as I strut along the shoreline. Just kidding, but seriously, they got tons of nice swimmies. I gathered my top picks from their swimsuit collection, added them to my wish list too! Hope you’ll find them gorgeous like I do!

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