January 21, 2018

Girl’s Gifts: Classical & Sexy Boho Dresses from Sevengrils

In this side of the world, Summer is just around the corner, trips to the beach or somewhere to cool off the summer heat is about to get non-stop. If you haven’t got the chance to shop for your Summer ensembles, start your summer wardrobe shopping now. I've done that so myself, because I am someone who doesn't want to post her photos or go somewhere wearing the same clothes over and over again.

I'm not high-maintenance whatsoever, I just love clothes and all the pretty little things in this world. As much as possible we all want to enjoy the Summer season, and making sure, at the same time, that we’re wearing comfortable clothes. But for us girls, we make it a point to still look hip even if we’re all sweaty or getting baked under the Summer sun.

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I have never been fond of the rain and the gloomy weather that it brings. That’s why Summer is my favorite season, because I love it when the sun is always out and that nothing hinders me to do anything or go anywhere that I want to. My country has a tropical weather and our homeland boasts of so many beaches that whenever the weather is great, we can always go for a quick beach getaway! Living in the tropics means summer is always 365 days a year.

As for me whenever I go to the beach or vacationing over the summer, the choice of wardrobe has always been an alternate between wearing short summer dresses or maxi dresses. But most of the time I like wearing long ones especially boho dresses as they have more that summer and beach resort wear vibes. 

Summer is as colorful as Spring do you agree? Summer makes me giddy and happy so as much as possible I make the most of it! It's the only season that makes us feel relaxed and renewed. We look forward to beach or nature trips where we can wear clothes that enables us to do activities freely. But comfort can be mix with style, so never compromise! Let's not stick to just plain white colors just because they say that it reflects light, why not make your Summer a little more fun by adding vibrant hues to your Summer wardrobe! Find these summer-perfect dresses at Sevengrils.

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