October 30, 2018

A Perfect Rulebook For Your Wedding Preparation

You are damn lucky if you have found the love of your life, and even luckier if you get engaged to each other. But being engaged is not the happy ending. You cannot relax. All the planning and working have just started. This preparation is not that scary for women; for they have been planning it since so many years! Yes, that’s how important the wedding day is to a girl. She has it all planned out since she was a teen. The perfect venue, her favorite flowers and music band were all decided long ago. 

Marriage is very important for women. They consider it sacred and always work extra hard to keep the spark in their relationship constant. The following points explain why marriage is so important for women:
- They want nothing more than to spend the rest of her life with her loved one.
- She believes in declaring her love to the world, and making it official.
- She feels emotionally and financially secure once she has tied the knot.
- She has a maternal instinct which she wants to fulfill after marriage.  

Even though she has this whole plan inside her head, it gets all confusing and messed up when you practically finalise all these things. Loads of obstacles come in her way when she decides on things. She tends to take too much on her plate and the eventually her Bridezilla mode gets switched on. That’s when she needs her maid of honour and bridesmaid to calm her down and ease her problems. Here are few things that every bride should take care during her wedding planning:

Early planning: Earlier you start with wedding planning, easier it gets for you. The motive of early planning is to avoid last minute chores. These last minute chores make the bride anxious and nervous all the time. Once she knows everything is done, she feels relaxed and calm.

Define your budget: You need to be clear with your budget from the start. You don’t want to cross your budget and then get worried yourself. Be clear with the budget and make notes for where you want to divide this amount because there are lots of things which would need spending. So you need to be clear how much you want to spend on the venue, food, dress, ring and more or it will result in overspending.

Choose your perfect ring: A ring is the symbol of your married life, which you will carry in your hand for the rest of your life. So it needs to be perfect. You can go for classic designs which are forever or you can also opt for something different and special. You get really good custom engagement rings Toronto, with great variety and many options to choose from. A ring represents your married life. So, make a point to put an extra effort while choosing your wedding rings.

Your dream dress: The problem while choosing your perfect dress is that you are way too excited for it. It sometimes leads to hasty decisions. What can happen is, you may decide your dress very early on while shopping. And afterwards you might see a dress which was more like the dress you always imagined yourself in. That moment and feeling of regret stays with you till the very end of your wedding planning. So always keep in mind, to browse maximum and to every good store you know, before you take the decision for your final dress. So many dresses may also confuse you. In that moment, just close your eyes and do what your heart tells you.

Select the best Maid of Honour & Bridesmaid: Choosing the perfect girlfriends to stand with you on your special day can make your work easier or even more difficult. Your sister or friends, who truly love you and understand you, will bear your tantrums on and before your wedding and still love you. If you choose wrong girls, who feel insecure and jealous around you, will never you truly support and might even make fun of you behind your back. Your girls stand with you from day 1 till your wedding. Celebrating your proposal day, selecting venue and food, goes on a shopping spree with you for your dress, jewelry or shoe, and she is there with you if you freak out or get emotional in the whole process.

Selecting the best photographer: Memories may fade, but photographs cannot. Photographer plays the role of capturing the best moment of your life while you are having the time of your life. They do not just capture your faces, they capture your emotions. The look of awe on the groom’s face when the bride enters. The tears in the eyes of bride when her husband speaks out his vows, their first kiss as husband and wife and lots of other firsts. Imagine cuddling in your bed with your spouse, on your 30th anniversary and going through your wedding photo album, doesn’t that warm your heart?

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication: Overdoing anything makes things mess. Be it your hairstyle, wedding decoration or the food options that you keep. Simplicity makes things easier and also looks classy and flawless. Even before the wedding day, never over exert yourself. It shows on your face. You should look graceful and flawless, not tired and filled with dark circles. Brides usually go on diets before their D-day and tend to over diet. Just let yourself loose. Look natural and be the happy self that you are. After all, that’s who your fiancé fell for, isn’t it? 

Write your vows: Promise yourself to write your own vows. Do not google it; do not ask for help- just write from your heart. In the end, it is about you and your wonderful partner on the beautiful day, making vows to each other and promising each other to spend the rest of the life together, in good and bad, in sickness and in health. 

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