October 24, 2018

All You Need To Know About Human Microbiome

The human body comprises of trillions of microbes which are known as microbiomes. Most have an impression that the microbiomes could be harmful to the health. However, in reality, it is these microbiomes that can actually keep you healthy. There are only a few disease causing microbiomes present in the human body and the rest do not cause any harm at all. The bacteria that reside inside your gut keep you healthy and play a crucial role in the digestion of food. This type of bacteria is essential for maintaining normal health and well being. Here are some interesting facts about the human microbiome.

1. You have more microbes in your body than cells. It might come as a surprise to you that the bacterial cells in your body outnumber the human cells and the ratio is as high as 10:1. Since the microbes are microscopic in size, their presence is undetectable. Majority of the same are harmless which is why we never know if they even exist in the body. 

2. All humans have microbial fingerprints: An interesting fact about human microbiome is that everyone has a unique fingerprint. DNA, fingerprints and human microbial fingerprints help identify a person and the same is unique with every individual. You can also use it as a mark of identification to match the prints with something you have been in contact with. 

3. Microbiome is linked with obesity: There are various factors which lead to obesity. There is a relationship between the microbiome and obesity. Different microbes are found in obese and lean people.

4. There are no bacteria in the body at the time of birth: With millions of bacteria inside your body, it is easy to believe that you were born with them. However, in reality, you are born without them and you acquire them in the first few years of your life. You first acquire them when they pass through the birth canal. 

5. Microbes affect your emotional behavior: Microbes not only affect your health but also your emotional attributes. Your brain and gut are inter connected and are always communicating. The gut generates about 80% of serotonin which regulates the mood in the body. If you suffer from gut disorders, you might feel depressed. 

6. Breastfeeding can pass healthy microbes to the baby: There are many reasons to promote breastfeeding and this is one of them. Breast milk is enriched with healthy microbes and when they reach the baby, it makes them healthier in more than one manner. The milk is high in sugar and serves as a food for the healthy bacteria in the body. With breast milk, you promote the growth of good bacteria inside the body of the child.

7. Antibiotics can damage the gut: If overused, antibiotics are bad for health. It can cause drug resistance and can lead to a specific organism becoming resistant to it. It cannot be used as a drug any longer and the antibiotics can damage the harmful bacteria but can also kill the good ones. 

8. Skin microbes are real: The secrets that lie within the skin are related to the skin microbiome. The bacteria residing in your skin tells a lot about you. 

9. A little dirt is okay: You might have been practicing good hygiene all your life but a little dirtiness is actually good for you. Exposure to some microbes can be beneficial for the immunity and also lowers the risk of allergies and asthma. 

10. Microbiomes are present in your mouth: If you think that microbiomes only live in your skin and gut, you might be wrong. Your mouth is home to more than thousand different kinds of bacteria. Oral bacteria are harmless but there are some which can cause problems like tooth decay, bad breath or gum diseases. 

Understanding the significance of bacteria is the first step to accepting them as a part of your body. You will now understand that if you do not have enough bacteria, you need to rely on supplements to make up for the deficiency. You can take necessary steps for a good detox and ensure that the bad bacteria is eliminated from your gut and the good bacteria is increased in the number. You need to consume foods that will feed the good bacteria and will help improve your physical and mental health. Microbiomes are an important part of your body and if you do not have them in the right quantity, you could end up damaging your health. 

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