October 18, 2018

Missing the Large Fried Chicken in Taipei? Get your Fix at Oh My Chicken!

Of all the places that I’ve been to, if I will rate the street food when it comes to price, taste and value, I would say that Taipei is on top my list next to Bangkok. I enjoyed eating my way through the streets of Taipei and almost everything that I ate there, I completely enjoyed. The main reason that I would go back there is because of the food. I essentially haven’t tried a lot still and it’s excites me to think about going back and getting full as I once more explore Taipei’s streets and alleys.

One of the food that I tried in Taipei was the Hot Star Fried Chicken. It is super popular there among tourists and locals alike. The queue was always long but it's definitely worth the wait. The fried chicken cutlet was super big size, and I mean huge! Plus it’s super tasty, very crispy outside then juicy and tender inside. For its price and taste, I would say it never disappoint us every time we visit its branch in Ximending Night Market after each day’s tour around the city.

I heard they’ve opened a franchise in the Philippines but I haven’t tried it. What I have tried is from this new pop store in Manila that offers the same huge fried chicken and more called: Oh My Chicken! It is located just in front of Chiang Kai Shek College in Tondo, Manila.

OMC (Oh My Chicken) is a startup food service chain that will mainly serve you with chicken that you would want to eat just as it is. OMC will have different take on your everyday fried chicken. They are selling Taiwanese street food-inspired snacks, large chicken steak, chicken popcorn, chicken wings and legs with their own homemade sauce and seasonings. Besides that they also have milk teas and fruit tea series. 

I visited one Saturday afternoon with fellow foodies and good thing it was a weekend because the there’s less traffic. Because this area of Manila is pretty notorious for chaotic traffic jams. Don’t expect much seating area here as their offerings are made for to-go. We tried all their chicken varieties and a couple of their drinks: 

Oh My Chicken Steak - a huge piece of chicken flattened and breaded, then fried and sprinkled with your choice of flavor (Original, Ganmei, Cumin, Szechuan Spicy). You can also opt to add a honey mayo dip with all their chicken. As you can see from the picture, the term large is an understatement. This can already feed two people and it’s mostly made of chicken thigh. The original flavor is already good itself and the breading is super crunchy as well. 

Oh My Chicken Popcorn - bite-sized pieces of chicken that have been breaded and deep-fried. Just like the chicken steak you can have it seasoned or not. This is perfect for snacks. 

Oh My Chicken Leg and Oh My Chicken Wing - the leg was seasoned with Szechuan spicy while the wing was with ganmei seasoning. Both were very good and the skin was so crispy (I actually ate just the skin haha!) All chicken selection comes in both regular and small sizes.

Black Sugar Milk Tea - all milk tea come in regular and large sizes and are brewed from actual tea leaves. This was sweet and had a distinguishable black tea flavor.

Black Sugar Green Milk Tea - less sweet and the tea tastes like fresh tea leaves. I like the black tea better compared to this one.

Fresh Kiwi Green Tea - the fruit teas on the other hand only come in regular sizes. Loved this kiwi green tea, it’s a bit on the tangy-citrusy side but super refreshing.

Calamansi Green Tea - not only that it is a very healthy drink, this citrusy drink is also a definite thirst-quencher.

My foodie pals and I just came from a fine-dining lunch nearby and the food that we got to try from Oh My Chicken! were wonderful late afternoon snacks just before we all go on our way home and enjoy the rest of weekends. Price points of OMC’s foods are very student-friendly as well. I wish they would open somewhere near where I live because Manila is a place that I rarely go to unless I have to go to Divisoria or Binondo.

Food Hub, 1271-1277 Alvarado Extension, 
cor. Alquire St., Chiang Kai Shek College Gate 3
Manila, Philippines
Contact Nos: 0945 7982121
Facebook: facebook.com/ohmychickenph

For more information, complete menu and restaurant reviews, check out their Zomato profile: 
Oh My Chicken! Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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