October 21, 2018

Little Seed Corner Shop: Where Eating Healthy Need Not Be Boring

People are constantly looking for healthy choices and it’s not unusual to see people change (or at least try to, guilty here) their eating habits. New Year’s is just a few months away and we’re all going to see more resolutions to be healthy but reality is most are dreadfully unsuccessful. Keeping it honest, I’m one of those who snappily do that and then slowly and steadily lose track.

Why? Probably because it’s really hard to eat healthy foods. Most often than not, they are usually bland tasting and prepping them can be a bit tedious especially if you’re working. Moreover, we Filipinos are so used to flavorful dishes that anything less tasty bores us. Another factor perhaps is the cost. I’m one of those who are quite baffled as to why veggies are way more expensive than meat. 

Although nowadays healthy eateries are slowly popping up across the metro and hitting the mainstream. Eateries that are specializing in fresh and healthy choices are all around, offering a wide variety of dishes. Some only do business online and food is delivered to wherever you want them. And then there are pop-ups, hole-in-the-wall and full blown restaurants that offer tasty, reasonably-priced and well-thought of healthy meals. It’s not just the raw diet that people are yearning for. 

Take Little Seed Corner Shop, for example. Inside this cozy eatery just at the corner of Katipunan and St. Ignatius Village, anyone can feed their craving for a healthy meal by picking up a salad, low-calorie wrap or full meals here. Little Seed is the source of grab-n-go tasty whole food packed meals and healthy alternative grocery items around this area.

Most of their food items are home-made and from scratch. They also carry ingredients and other stuff from other start-up brands which you can browse through their humble rack. They also deliver via HonestBee if you can’t drop by. Check out what they have to offer below: 

Chi-Chi Rice Bowl - one of the Blissful Brown Rice Bowls which comes with whole grain rice and veggies. Includes grilled chicken, chickpeas and honey mustard dressing.

Vegan Fried Rice Bowl - cauliflower fried rice, oriental tofu and mushroom with sesame dressing.

Healthy Juan Rice Bowl - another one of the Blissful Brown Rice Bowls which comes with whole grain rice and veggies. Includes baked pork adobo flakes, 4-minute egg, and soy garlic sauce. 

Chicken Wrap - grilled chicken, pita with hummus, veggie slaw and yogurt garlic dressing.

Lentil Curry Soup - dehulled lentils disintegrate in cooking making a thick soup served with bits of paneer.

Yogurt Parfait - homemade yogurt, honey, grains, seeds and dehydrated fruits.

Hummus - homemade cooked and then mashed chickpeas.

Cold Brew -  24 hour steeped cold coffee

Apple Juice - unsweetened natural fruit juice 

Honey Lassi - yogurt drink with honey and cinnamon 
Green Cooler - cold pressed cucumber, lettuce, calamansi and honey

Who would have thought eating healthy can be this enjoyable. Each dish from Little Seed that we got to try was truly filling and delicious. My personal favorites were: Vegan Fried Rice Bowl, Lentil Curry Soup, Hummus and the Honey Lassi drink. The cauliflower rice of the Vegan Fried Rice Bowl was so much fun to eat. It was my first time to try cauliflower rice and I can say it is similar to couscous but have way lesser calories. The texture was awesome too, this is something I won’t mind eating and I can live off of. The Lentil soup was hearty and the hummus had the consistency that I prefer. Little Seed’s homemade yogurt parfait was a so yummy I could eat that all day every day! Same goes for the Honey Lassi drink because I love yogurt so much and it has hints of cinnamon – truly refreshing!

130 Katipunan Ave., Corner 1st Street,
White Plains, Quezon City
Contact Nos: +6325179088
Email: littleseed.ph@gmail.com
Website: littleseed.ph

For more information, complete menu and restaurant reviews, check out their Zomato profile: 
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  1. Nice Place. I have been to this place couple of times. I love the food they offer.


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