October 25, 2018

Change The Look Of Your Garden With These Innovative Flower Bed Ideas

A lot of us tend to overlook the importance of a beautiful garden right outside our homes. If you want to jazz up the space, you need to consider creating a flower bed. It might take some money and a lot of effort, but it will give your garden the splash of color which will change the way the entire space looks and feels.

Trending flower bed ideas 

1. Corner flower bed
If you have space in the front yard, this is the best idea to make it look welcoming and super stylish. Flowers like golden daisies, marigold and freesia can change the way your garden looks. These bright flowers will go perfectly well with a white fence. You can make the fence look brighter and can match the color and height of the same with appropriate flowers. 

2. Side yard for small spaces
If you thought that a small yard cannot have a nice flower bed, you are absolutely wrong. You need to consider the space around the house and use the same to make it look beautiful and bright. Plant flowers of different sizes to create layers and choose the walls where no window is present so as to achieve the best results. You might want to consider 30 gorgeous flower bed ideas to try today and choose the one that fits the space available with you.

3. Perennial flower bed
Peonies are stunning perennials flowers which come in red or white and they come out every spring. You can nurture these flowers with minimal maintenance and they have a long life. They look eye catching by themselves and do not need to be paired with other flowers. All you need is soil for the flowers to grow and there is no need for lawn edging either. 

4. Vertical flower bed
This design is ideal for those who love colorful gardens but do not have enough space in their homes. A vertical flower bed is made of a wooden lattice and will help make the most of the available space. It can turn the exterior of the house into a fabulous place. You can use primroses, violets and petunias to make an ideal match. You can place the lattice to cover a dull wall or corner in the garden. It is low maintenance and can be created from an old pallet. 

5. Romantic pathway
If you think slightly out of the box, you can end up giving your garden a unique and beautiful look. Start by mixing the flowers of different heights and build a lower level with white and red flowers and a higher level with different bright colored flowers. You can also make a combination of white roses at the lower level and red at the higher. Choose the colors as per your preference and create a romantic pathway that leads to your home. 

A simple addition of a garden bed in your home can drastically change the entire look of the home within no time. If you want to know more about gardening you can check out upgardener.co.uk

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