November 4, 2018

5 Destinations Every Craft Beer Lover Should Visit

There are very few in this world that don’t like a nice cold pint of beer every now and then. But there are a few more than just fans - they research, taste and even brew at home. For true beer lovers, there are no bounds to what they would do to try a new sort or visit a legendary brewery. This, of course, includes traveling all over the world for the best craft beers, the classics with a twist and completely redefined drinks. So, if you were to travel somewhere for a good pint, where should you go? Read on to find out a detailed look at Original Craft Beer Club around the world. 

In a country as big as Australia, it’s only normal that there’s going to be some amazing beer. While the popularity of wine and cider is on the rise, beer is still on the forefront of alcohol consumption Down Under, and if you were spending all that time in scorching hot weather, you’d be enjoying it as well. People are looking more and more towards small batch craft beers that have something special about them, like craft beers in Margaret River. There will definitely be something for everyone and you will discover new flavors you never thought of before.
You think that a small country from Eastern Europe can’t produce some good beer? Think again. In the past two years, the craft beer industry in Serbia has developed beyond anything people could imagine, with a lot of people also brewing their own beer at home. You can find some classic flavors developed from German and English recipes, but you will also find some mind-boggling twists, like lager mixed in front of your eyes with raspberry sauce, or milkshake beer, made with lactose and cherry flavoring. Some of the brews might be a hit or miss with people, but you can be sure you will find something new that you will love.

Continuing with surprising discoveries, let’s move on to a country where absolutely nothing grows and beer was illegal until 1989. While Iceland does have two large breweries, let’s focus on the small craft breweries that are making the strides towards high-quality beer in Iceland. Nearly all of the craft breweries in Iceland are nano breweries, meaning that they don’t export their beer anywhere. A must-see if you are visiting Reykjavik is Bryggjan brugghús, a brewery that not only brews their beer in-house but will also give you a tour and explain their brewing process, including a tasting of a selection of beers.
Czech Republic 
We simply can’t talk about beer without mentioning the Czechs. They have brought beer brewing in Europe to a whole new level, and you can’t possibly go around Prague without stopping by for at least one pint. Your mind will be blown by the selection, and if you are a die-hard beer lover, then you absolutely must stop by the old craft masters who still oversee some microbreweries today like U Fleků, which is the oldest brewery in town. Brewers in Prague have a lot of respect towards the tradition of brewing, so you might not see as much crazy innovation as you will in other countries without such a strong tradition.

Craft beer has never seen as much popularity in the US as it has in Europe (just passing 6000 breweries last year), but the beer that is made is very high quality and there are some truly unique flavors. Most craft breweries in the US are small, community projects that are supported and kept afloat by dedicated locals. This means that if you find a small brewery you like in the US – vote with your money and help them keep their doors open, because they have tough competition in the form of the traditional brewing industry.
Traveling to find good beer is not a new thing, and if you are planning to visit several places, make sure you call in advance and the breweries will be more than happy to show you around and talk to you about their beer. Craft brewing is usually a small, tight-knit community that welcomes people with open arms, so make the most of it.

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