November 13, 2018

Some Fashionable Essentials - Your Outdoor Gear List

The camping or fishing trip is an occasion to look forward to. The verdant scenery, the soothing shimmering of a water body, and of course, the bonding with friends and family make spending time in the outdoors something we all look forward to. Spending time in the outdoors requires you to take some extra precautions to protect yourself from the elements. You can also be a little fashionable about it – a bit of aesthetics will not harm the rugged practicality of your gear. Here are some suggestions of what you need for your next outdoors experience.

Polarized Glasses
A pair of fancy shades will add a glam element to the outfit that you are wearing. Sunglasses also have a very important purpose. Those who spend a lot of time around water will tell you how straining it can be to the eyes without protection. Imagine being surrounded by a strongly reflective surface – you will not only have to contend with the sun above but also the rays coming off the surface of the water. This is why polarized glasses are a very important part of your outdoor apparel. If you're looking for durable and fashionable all in one, check out a pair of Sunglasses for first responders.

If you are sitting on a boat patiently with your fishing rod, you will want the best visibility into the water. Without polarized glasses, you will miss any movement as the reflection of the sky becomes a visual barrier. Polarized glasses reduce this glare and allow you to look beneath the water clearly. 

Rheos Gear is a top name if you are looking for trendy polarized glasses that are suited for the outdoors. As this following testimony from the company depicts, it is a brand dedicated to the anglers, fishermen, and nature enthusiasts who do not compromise on style. The experts at say “we have multiple lens colors which are a great topic to cover as well as the style variety. We recently launched a "round floating sunglasses" and an "aviator floating sunglasses" style. Our passion is "for the love of water" and our mission is to help others get out on the water where the best of us comes to life”

Footwear for the Outdoors
Don’t end up wading around on a lakeside in your favorite trainers. You will end up destroying them and you will also have wet feet and there are few things more uncomfortable than that. Fishing and aquatic activities footwear are specifically designed and crafted to keep you comfortable and they look the part too. Neoprene and GORETEX are two very popular materials for fishing boots. Waders are made for those who need to get into the water. They come in earthy colors and camouflage patterns– the perfect motif for the occasion. You can also pick up hip or chest waders for extra protection.

Of course, if the weather is not too cold then getting your feet wet is part of the fun. However, you do not want to carry footwear that doesn’t dry easily. There are many sandals available for watery escapades – they give you good grip while wading and they dry easily so you do not have damp feet on the ride back home.

Jackets for Extreme Weather 
One cannot predict the weather out in nature so you should always be prepared for some extreme conditions like wind or rain. Fishermen jackets are tough and have a rugged design. They are made with waterproof material, often multi-layered and adjustable so as not to infringe your movement. Fishing jackets also come with a lot of pocket space so you can keep your stuff safely. They are designed very differently from your regular jackets – apart from not letting water in, some jackets are made to keep warm air from escaping so you stay insulated. A windproof design ensures that you can bear the chilling gales while concentrating on your hike or fishing. Do not make the mistake of not investing in a good fishing jacket – it may spoil your entire experience if you get caught in bad weather.

Other Things to Carry
Never forget your first aid kit when you head out into nature. Some kits come with specific fishing and angling related products – get those if there is water involved in your itinerary. If you are going to be on a boat ensure that it has a working radio and enough life jackets for all the occupants. Sunscreen is another important piece of the puzzle – it protects your skin from harmful UV rays that can cause skin cancer. 

When you are out in the open, have an open mind and be prepared for the unexpected. Respect nature while you enjoy yourself. With the right gear and the correct attitude, you will relish your fishing and nature adventures.

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