November 22, 2018

The Best Places To Visit In Eastern Africa

Eastern Africa is a promising region that has a lot to offer in terms of nature and culture. The people have rich and long-held traditions, some of which they still practice today. It has been labeled the cradle of mankind due to the sheer amount of archaeological discovery that has been made. 

The region is also safe, easily accessible and conveniently modern. You will travel and stay in first class facilities that have been specially designed to accommodate visitors from around the world. Here are some reasons why you should visit some of the countries in the region.

Kenya is your first stop in eastern Africa because of its relatively easy access and the availability of transportation to other regions within the region. It also offers an exciting grassy savanna with vast animal and floral life.

The natural attraction starts off right from the capital city, Nairobi, which hosts a national park. There are a number of other national parks, such as Maasai Mara, Amboseli, Tsavo East, Lake Nakuru and Samburu. Some of its game parks and reserves offer the ability to interact with the animal life right within your premises. You can also explore special sanctuaries for crocodiles, giraffes and different species of snakes

The country also offers a view of the cultural history, with various exhibitions held at Bomas of Kenya. The national museum also exhibits different ethnic and cultural artifacts that will help you understand the culture and traditions of Kenyan people.

You could go hiking at Mount Kenya or enjoy the country’s beautiful coastline at Malindi. If you are looking for a more relaxed vacation, you could visit Lakes Victoria, Turkana or Nakuru for relaxing swims and boating expeditions.

Rwanda is developing into a hot destination because of its cultural history and natural attractions. In Rwanda, you can visit up to five genocide memorials that will help shed light on the countries disturbed past. There are a number of churches and other unofficial memoirs of the genocide that will give you a firsthand experience of one of the world’s worst turmoils.

The country has maintained its natural attractions even in the wake of modernization. In Kigali, you will experience a unique blend of nature and urbanization. The lush green regions seamlessly merge with modern buildings for unforgettable experiences learn more. 

The conservation efforts are not restricted to the city space alone. The Rwandan government has instituted measures to conserve different natural environments, including the world famous gorilla sanctuaries. You will explore the endangered mountain gorilla in its natural habitat as you trek to your camping site.

Rwanda also has a number of beautiful lakes. At Lake Kivu, you will engage in boating, swimming and fishing in traditional Rwandan boats. 

Uganda offers the best blend of traditional, modern and natural environments. Right from its capital, Kampala, you will find thatched relics, modern architecture and Nkasero hills, which offer a unique hiking experience. Kampala also holds the Kasubi Tombs, which will provide insight into the country’s rich political and cultural history.

The country has a number of national parks that offer a firsthand view of a vast array of plant and animal life. You can visit Bwindi Impenetrable, Queen Elizabeth, Rwenzori and Semuliki national parks. If you are interested in the country’s rivers and lakes, you can explore Lakes Katwe, Victoria, Mutanda and Bunyonyi. At Jinja, you will find the source of the Nile.

A number of specific sanctuaries have also been developed to protect dwindling animal and plant populations. The Ziwa rhino sanctuary, one of only two in the region, offers access to protected rhinos. The Entebbe Botanical gardens have rare species of plants that are unique to the region. At Mgahinga Gorilla National park, visitors can spend time camping next to protected gorilla populations.The country is also a favourite with bird watchers, featuring over 200 species of birds. Some bird-watching locations may require special permits before taking any photographs.

The country is rich in culture, history and nature. It has unique rock formations and new landscapes that have developed out of environmental and human activity. The Simien mountains, one of Ethiopia’s many mountain ranges, features great landscapes and weather activity. It is one of the only places in Africa which regularly receives snowfall. 

Ethiopia is home to the 12th century churches of Lalibela that are cut into the rock. These churches have been awarded UNESCO heritage status due to their contribution to early Christianity. At Lalibela, visitors can observe live Orthodox services and ancient manuscripts that have been preserved to date.


A visit to Ethiopia is incomplete without the delicious cultural cuisine that is the best in the region. It features meats, vegetables and spices made with tasty lentils and eaten communally. The meals and eating habits of Ethiopia will leave a lasting impression.

Citizens from some countries may be eligible for an Ethiopia visa upon entry into the country. You need to check before making any reservations to make sure that you can visit the country. If you do not qualify, you can make your application during the planning stage of your trip.

Final thought
You can access all the countries in the region through a comprehensive road and air network. Before travelling, you should make sure that all your vaccinations are up to date. Some places may require a vaccination certificate as proof of protection against certain diseases. You can get a comprehensive list of all vaccines during the planning stage of your trip. Some vaccinations may need to be carried out two months prior to your trip.

Some countries may impose specific visa requirements. Before planning a regional vacation, you should consider these requirements for all the countries you intend to visit to avoid any mix up. For a hassle-free vacation, you should consider purchasing travel insurance. The increased transit points and the different weather patterns you may experience could lead to an increased risk of loss and illness respectively.

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