November 8, 2018

Achieve Those Victoria Secret Bombshell Waves with RebeccaFashion

It’s the time of the year again and I’m not yet referring to Christmas or the holidays, but it’s the Victoria’s Secret Fashion again! I’ve been closely following since the buzz of this year’s VSFS started not only that I’ve never missed a show since the early 2000’s but because this year a Filipina will walk the VS runway for the first time! I couldn’t be so proud of Kelsey Merritt, I don’t know her personally but I’m a follower of hers on Instagram and I’ve trailed her rise to the runway of Victoria’s Secret together with thousands of other Filipinos who are rooting for her.

I love VS for so many reasons. I love their clothes and lingerie. I love the VS models, the style and fashion that goes along with this brand. I know I’m never gonna be anywhere close to those VS models (maybe in an alternate universe haha!) but I could say that everything about VS has inspired me in so many ways. I own a lot of VS stuff and I’ve copied some of the model’s styles and used those VS products. And one of the things that I’ve always wanted to achieve is that ever famous Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Waves.

Although VS has embraced the natural colored hair of their models in recent time, for years they have always gone for that classic wavy hair with tons of volume. When you think Victoria's Secret model hair, you picture big, bouncy waves. That's because the models have always worn long, cookie-cutter hairstyles made with tons of hair extensions, both in the brand's catalogs and on its fashion show runway, with each year's style being only a slightly different variation of the year before.

Every time the fashion show’s airdate is nearing there’s always a demand for volume-boosting “Victoria’s Secret hair” according to beauty and hair experts. Well doesn’t want to have those va-va-voom locks right? That VS hair is probably the sexiest hairstyle that’s perfect with those oh-la-la lingerie.  It’s quite sexy and glamorous, at the same time.

I just saw on VS’ Instagram stories the chaos happening backstage where they were applying hair extensions to one of the models just right before the show. None of them VS Angels wake up or show up like this. Volume, shine, and the signature waves will be added to most girls' hair. Human hair weave extensions will be used to amplify the models’ hair and what's naturally there.

At some point in our lives, I am pretty sure all of us girls have said “I want Victoria’s Secret hair”. You don’t have to be a supermodel just to achieve that. The only way to release the inner-bombshell in you and achieve that VS-standard waves is to have bundles with closure that uses remy hair in for that naturally-looking, big, soft waves.

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