November 6, 2018

Fashion & Tech Go Hand-In-Hand With The iPhone XR Wallet Case

It’s undeniable that technology has been a driving force in all aspects of our lives. Fashion is not spared with the advances in technology. In recent years, technology has been toying in the fashion world. With the shift from old school retail shopping, technology’s impact has been difficult to ignore as exemplified by e-commerce in full force. In just one click you can already put up an outfit and have it delivered straight to your door. 

Fashion and technology will inevitably become one. One good example perhaps is how we also dress up our mobile phones. Many, if not all, also consider their phones as an extension of their style. I mean for example, I carefully choose the phone cases that I buy for my mobile phone. Whatever the color of my mobile phone is will also be the color of the phone case that I buy. 

Now, my phone is colored Rose Gold. So I buy phone cases that is either rose gold, old rose or anything that will complement the color of my current phone. Now I’m using a maroon with gold trim phone case because it actually looks good on my rose gold mobile phone. It’s not just looks good but it also protects my phone and gives some cushion when I accidentally drop it.  

Nowadays, you have so many choices for phone covers. A lot are not only stylish but also very good when it comes to functionality. Take this iPhone XR Wallet Case for example. Isn’t this one of the prettiest phone cases you’ve seen? It’s designed to fit perfectly for Apple iPhone XR 2018 with precise cutouts give access to all ports. The outside has a unique luxury laser-cut flower design made with premium PU leather.

Functionality wise, it’s also perfect for women who are on-the-go and always wants to check up on how they look as you can find inside a cosmetics mirror which meets daily makeup need. There are also built-in card pockets and note holder offer store all cards and some cash. So you don’t have to carry a separate wallet or cardholder.  It also features a kickstand function that is convenient for movie-watching or video-chatting which bring more freedom for your hands. Talk about functionality right?

These phone cases also comes in so many colors. I love the mint green color as it is my fave color. Unfortunately I don’t use an iPhone. I’m going to check though if they have it for the model of the mobile phone that I’m using. You can check this case and more at:

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