November 16, 2018

How to Get Victoria's Secret Hair with RebeccaFashion

Aside from Christmas, one of the greatest blessings that we have annually is watching the magic and glamour that is the Victoria's Secret Fashion show. I’ve been an avid fan of this yearly spectacle since the early 2000’s. I’m one of the millions who tune to it every year and an eager buyer of all things Victoria’s Secret. I’ve followed the old and up-coming VS Angels’ careers and all. And it saddens me that one of my favorite VS Angels, Adriana Lima, walked her final VSFS this year. She will be forever be loved and missed on the VS runway.

Sure, we love the gorgeous outfits, the beautiful models, and the creative sets, but most importantly, we can't help but notice how amazing the models' hair looks like all the time. I know that they don’t “woke up like this”. It’s another aspect of VS that I actually admire, the models are real people as well who put hard work on how they look. Though they may be blessed with goddess-like genes, they actually show on their social media the work they put on to look like that. You can see on their social media that they work out, they go to the derma and spa and all other things to keep them looking like divine beings who went down from heaven. 

Though VS has said that as much as possible they will be using the models’ current hair and hair styles there will be times they will add something to a model’s virgin hair to get more volume. As you know thin and limp hair doesn’t looks as astonishing down the runway compared to full volume and long locks. For sure the VS glam team are taking advantage of bundles deal for the hair extensions that they’re going to use for the models to achieve that it very young, very vibrant, a bit more undone, a bit sexier, tousled beach sexy hair. 

Ever wanted hair that looks like it's destined for the Victoria's Secret runway? So how do you exactly get angel-worthy gorgeous waves? From the tons of videos I’ve seen online on how to do the VS hair, couple of standard steps are done. Like first you really need to blow your hair dry. Whether the you have natural texture or straight hair, blow dry your hair first with a good blower, building volume with a boar bristle and nylon brush, and then holding the dryer's airflow super still since this helps keep frizz at bay.

What VS hair stylist do for girls with thin hair is that they usually add hair extensions which you can do too. Hair stylists at VSFS uses bundles with closure hair extensions backstage for girls who wanted length or the look of thicker hair. If your hair is not long or is not as dense, you can also use put lace closure extensions, to achieve that length and volume, required to achieve the VS Bombshell hair do. Since they can be heat styled, washed, and reused over and over again. So whenever you feel like sporting the VS hair you can do so. 

To create waves, some of the other models with curly hair and those wearing their hair blown out with a more lived-in wave, got their hair curled with a barrel iron. This is specially done for those models with African descent since most of them either embrace their natural afros or wear some form of hair weave. Then the stylists curl the locks in different directions throughout the hair and then pull the curls apart using the fingertips to achieve that day-after-the-party-vibe. Rebeccafashion  is place where you can get these real human hair extensions to get those va-va-voom  Victoria's Secret Hair. 

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