November 1, 2018

The Art of Dressing Fancy

Dressing fancy is an art by itself where you combine aesthetics with style inculcating them into a theme of choice. This is a very popular pastime for people who love dressing up and being innovative with clothes and accessories. It is becoming a trend for schools as well to hold special days exclusively for dressing up. Festivals like Halloween encourage people to celebrate by dressing up and have a great time. For children and adults alike, picking out and perfecting a costume for Halloween to go trick or treating is an exciting and indulging process. However, perfection is the utmost necessity to pull off a great costume that would make heads turn when you walk into the room. 

If you’re explaining, you’re losing
The key to an effective costume is legibility. The watching eyes should be able to easily relate and understand who you’re trying to enact with your costume. If you have to provide a narrative to the people who see you, it’s clear proof that the costume is a failure. Dressing up excites adults as it is a reminder of their childhood and the fact that they can be anyone they want to be adds to the whole point of the activity. 

Dress code
Most parties or events that are for dressing uphold a particular theme you have to follow in order to fit into the dress code. Be it Halloween or retro, it is integral to find a costume that blends and expresses the theme in a unique manner. 

Retro themed parties are like time travel. You can be a famous actress of the 80s or a star singer from your favorite band for a night. These parties are the perfect way to take a dive into the past and create experiences that will be cherished for a long period. You can also explore the different eras of styles and the evolution of trend and play with them. Sometimes you can even go as a joke instead of a costume if you cannot find the time to pull one together. Writing book all over your face in blue lets people interpret the “facebook” joke. 

Dressing in style
Dressing fancy is not enough. When you try to perfect your costume, doing it in style is necessary. If you are someone who likes to attend costume parties and enjoy creating outfits, creating a wardrobe is a great idea. You can mix and match outfits in the future and build a creative space right within the comforts of your home. Getting very deep into the life of a fancy dresser involves perfecting your wardrobe with adequate materials and costumes. You can find some helpful tips on this blog to help you on your way to becoming a style icon. 

When buying items for the wardrobe, it is essential to buy the right items when you’re getting started. Versatility is the key when shopping for garments to add to your wardrobe. Choosing items that fit into a variety of themes is a good idea as they can be used multiple times with ease. This also enables you to try out different styles and be innovative as well. Creating a good outfit may also require external help such as that of a sewing machine. Items such as fabrics and sewing machines are products that are not very expensive but can come very handy in last minute emergencies. Hence if you are someone who takes dressing fancy seriously, it will not hurt to have some fabric and a stitching machine handy along with your wardrobe. 

Quality over quantity
People often make the mistake of choosing quantity over quality regarding products related to fancy dressing. It is ideal to keep a balance between both parameters. Having a range of good quality items provide an opportunity to get inspired for new costumes and outfits. 

If you encounter a theme that requires a unique set of fabrics and colors, you can purchase a few one time usage accessories to add to your look without spending a lot of money for the sake of quality. 

However, when buying an item that you can use multiple times and inculcate into a variety of themes in the future, it is advisable to choose a better quality product. You can also keep some lower quality items to stitch costumes for children and other DIY jobs for the future as well. 

Exploring themes
The theme is the deciding factor when it comes to choosing outfits for a fancy dress event. Often the event invites dictate a theme to follow for the particular party. This makes the process of dressing up even more entertaining and inspiring. However, in some cases, there will not be a theme provided. 

This scenario can be confusing as well as provide a vast number of opportunities to explore. Pinterest and other platforms can be inspiring sources to build your own costume with unique details. They provide a platform to store and express ideas as well as gain insights. Research may take time but proves to be highly useful when it comes to building your own costumes. You can avoid failed ideas and find shortcuts to get the look you want. This also makes your costume stay top notch. 

First and foremost, the outfit requires a base layer. This is upon which all the detailing comes into the picture. A good strong base layer needs to blend into the overall theme and stay subtle as well. 

Colors such as black or deep green can provide to be a great base cloth and background. The base outfit will include a top portion as well as bottom one. The top portion can be short or long depending on the nature of the character of your choice. Adding elements of interest to this base outfit is where the whole idea of dressing up is executed. The more time you spend on an outfit, the more intricate its details tend to be. Using your imagination is the key to make a costume more real and original. 

The final touch for the costume is the accessories. Accessories can be a game changer with regard to costumes. Pairing a costume with the right kind of accessories can take the costume to another league. Little accessories form a part of the big picture and work wonders. It is essential to add just the right amount of accessories and not overdo it. Subtlety is the key to a well-accessorized costume.  

Tips for building an outfit
The first tip towards pulling off a great costume is confidence. It is necessary to feel the character and be confident about your costume. You can add a touch of uniqueness to the costume by creating some of the pieces using brown paper, foil and other common household items. 

They can create a dash of drama to the look. You can also add drama to your Halloween costume by using substances such as fake blood. Such bold moves will create an aura of confidence and give a great lift to your costume. 

The best part of a costume party is the process of creating your costume for it. It will be unique, stylish and a great opportunity to have some fun. Some parties even hold contests for the best costumes which gives you even more motivation to get creative. 

Preparing costumes for Halloween is often a chance for you to bond with your family more and make them look the scariest version of themselves. It is a time that is equally exciting for adults and children. Throwing unique parties, setting themes, going trick or treating are all part of the spirit of Halloween. 

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