March 2, 2019

5 Best Ways To Relax After A Long Flight

Flying can be the most rewarding or the most stressful experience. Aside from potentially meeting new people, you’re also facing waiting in lines, sometimes-rude airport staff who hassle you for having some extra stuff on you.

But still, the best part of a long flight is when it’s over, and you’re at home, or a nice hotel room. For some people, getting relaxed is a no-brainer, but if you’re jet-lagged or simply can’t go to sleep straight away, here are some ideas on how to de-stress yourself after spending too much time on a crowded plane.

1. Read a book
Reading is a great way to prep you for sleeping. Pick up a book from the airport bookstore so you’ll have it with you on all times. In case you can’t be bothered with physical books, use a Kindle instead. The point is to get immersed in a world different from yours which will, in return, make you relaxed and ready for bed. Choose genres that don’t make you feel agitated (like horror or dystopian sci-fi). Instead, read popular psychology or any feel-good books that will give you a positive rush, and in return, rid you of all the negative feelings.

2. Do yoga
Sitting on a plane is a disaster for our back muscles, so stretching is a great way to ease up the tension in your body. You don’t need a perfect pair of sweatpants, just get a yoga mat, just find any Youtube tutorial. It will help you release the tension and feel more energized. Yoga is not that popular for nothing, and you can even do it in bed which is an absolutely great method for getting yourself to sleep.

3. Take a soothing bath 
Bath is always a good idea, especially after you’ve spent long hours sandwiched between two strangers up in the air.  So one of the first things you should do after you come home is to make a nice bubble bath and light a few pillar candles for an even better experience. And if you doze off in a bath, so what? You deserve to get some rest.

4. Meditate
There are moments when you really want to unwind, but your mind simply doesn’t let you to. You’ve tried all the things you usually do, but nothing worked. In that case, you should try meditation, to free yourself of unwanted thoughts and improve your sleep. Scientific research says that meditation can help to prevent memory loss and reduce stress levels. There are many apps and other tutorials that can help you meditate. If possible, be sure there’s no noise around you and if you can’t do anything about it, then use earphones to block any outside sounds.

5.  Go for a walk/ride a bike
If you can’t stay inside, the walk is what will definitely help you relax. Take your earphones, load up your phone with your favorite music, and just go. No matter if it’s going to the park you like or just wandering around your neighborhood – the important thing is to stretch your legs and unwind from the flight. Or if you prefer, you can ride a bike if the weather allows it. Bike rides can be really helpful if you need to clear your head.

So, these are only some ideas on how to get yourself back on track after flying for too long. There are some other suggestions like drinking hot tea or watching your favorite movie. Whatever you opt for, make sure it works best for you. Soon you will find yourself peaceful, rested and ready for the new day!

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