March 19, 2019

Ombu Kusina's New Summer Menu and Flavored Halo-Halo Line!

What is it to love about living in the tropics? Well, it's 365 days of summer! I don't think I will be able to say "the cold never bothered me anyway", because this girl right here, in her veins runs the warmest blood and of which summer is her favorite season ever, period. Summer time is a great time to relax with friends and family by soaking up the sun at a beach, doing outdoor activities or simply having great meals together.

My favorite season of the year is summer because of the warm weather and the endless fun. I really enjoy the warm weather because it’s the perfect atmosphere to do outdoor activities and go to the beach or a dip in the pool! During summer, you’re free to do whatever you want, not worrying about traffic jams and gloomy weather which happens during the rainy and cold season. We also get to wear the comfiest and lightest clothes we have in our closets which makes moving around so easy. 

Summer season is the best time for festivals and activities. You can never get bored on a summer day or night. Overall, summer is just a wonderful season with so much to offer. The best thing about this time of the year is that it’s a great time for get-togethers. I recently went to Ombu Kusina to try their NEW SUMMER MENU and FLAVORED HALO-HALO LINE with my foodie friends where we all dressed up perfect for the summer time!

Ombu Kusina is a restaurant that offers modern Filipino cuisine that lingers in your taste buds.  Ombu's menu is a take on traditional Filipino cuisine infused with popular dishes from other countries.  The restaurant also has a cozy dining space with interiors and mood lighting to match their menus modern sensibilities. Their location is easy to spot too as it is on the corner of Tomas Morato and Mother Ignacia, the center of food, dining and drinking in QC. Check out their yummy summer menu:

Ombu’s Three Cheese Pizza - Queso de Bola, Mozzarella and Kesong Puti cheeses. The last time I was at Ombu I completely fell in love with their Sisig Pizza and this 3-Cheese Pizza made that love affair even deeper hahaha! I mean I always love it when the pizza has the right thickness and man, who doesn’t love cheese? And if it’s cheese over-load, hello, count me in! What I love about this pizza is the use of Kesong Puti, a very savoury version of cheese native to the Philippines. It’s a great addition to make a foreign dish a little bit Pinoy.

Suzy Wong Sandwich - deep fried clubhouse sandwich with layers of ham, cheese, and pickles. A very filling snack or meal and comes with camote/sweet potato chips.

Camote Chips - thinly sliced sweet potatoes fried until crisp are a bright and fun take on potato chips. Carbs, yes, but what the heck they are very addicting and I couldn’t stop munching them. I would prefer these over the regular potato chips.

Arroz Caldo - all-time favorite rice porridge with chicken and a soft-boiled cured Japanese style ramen egg. I know it’s summer and arroz caldo is usually best eaten hot, but who cares if it’ll make you sweat more? This was super good, thick and packed full of flavor. I love how garlicky it was and that egg was a nice finish to it. 

Tokwa’t Baboy - Filipino dish made with boiled pork pieces, deep-fried tofu cubes and a dipping mixture of vinegar, soy sauce, shallots and chili peppers. This is the perfect combo with that arroz caldo. Love how crispy the tofu on the outside but soft on the inside. The sauce was savoury and tangy, just how I like my tokwa’t baboy sauce to be.

Tinapa Croquettas - deep fried creamy filling smokey tinapa. I love tinapa and I love everything made out of it. This had the right amount of saltiness and had a great crispy coating. 

Flavored Halo-Halo - a Filipino cold dessert which is a concoction of crushed ice, evaporated milk and various ingredients which may include ube, sweetened beans, coconut julienes, sago, gulaman, pinipig rice, boiled root crops in cubes, fruit slices, flan, and topped with a scoop of ice cream. It's a popular Pinoy snack/dessert perfect for the summer time. And Ombu spoiced things up by adding flavor to the shaved ice. 

Mango Crème Halo Halo - nothing says summer and the tropics than mango! Agree? This was top 2 among the three flavored halo-halo. (Well I like all three so much that it’s hard to say which one is the best.) The shaved ice has that sweet and tangy flavor that you would taste in our local mangoes. 

Milk Tea Halo Halo - *sigh* milk tea… my weakness… love the earthy flavor of this one but I gotta say this placed last on my top 3. But I’m telling you this was so good too!

Tres Leches Halo Halo - this is the best variant among the 3 flavored halo-halo. It’s sweet, it’s creamy, that until now while writing this blog post, I can still taste how good it is in my mouth. Definitely a must try! Obviously, this falls on my top 1 and was easily everyone’s favorite as well. 

I, a hundred percent, enjoyed all the dishes that we got to try at Ombu for their Summer Specials. But the total winners of this event are the flavored halo-halo’s! And everyone who was there can attest to that. Not only that I get to enjoy these great dishes, I always enjoy going to Ombu because every time is always super fun and enjoyable. It somewhat feels like home, for some reason. Also, each time I’m there with my foodie friends, it feels like a big get together where we share good conversations and laughs over great food. 

By the way, they are having some promotions this summer, for the upcoming Mother’s Day, all moms who will dine will get a special edition eco bag and from here on until May 11, 2019 you can get 10% off on your total bill by using my discount code: VIPSANDUNDERMYFEET. So if you happen to crave good modern Filipino food and or looking for a place to treat the mothers in your life this coming Mother’s Day, why not check out Ombu, yeah?

G/F, Sequoia Hotel, 91-93 Mother Ignacia Cor.,
Timog Avenue, South Triangle, Quezon City
Contact Nos: 02 4411789 / 02 4410518

For more information, complete menu and restaurant reviews, check out their Zomato profile: 
Ombu Kusina Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. Oh my! Looking at these food makes me wanna go and get myself some pizza! I'm literally drooling reading your post haha

    Only Yesterday

  2. Uy, I love summer too. My fave season tbh. Wow! The food looks good. Can't wait to visit this place too soon. 😊 Will try their pizzas and milktea halo-halo. 😜

  3. Super sarap ng Tres Leches! OMG! Alam na where I will be around merienda time!

  4. I super love their halo-halo esp the Tres Leches. Also the arroz caldo. Had so much fun!

  5. Should I go there, I’ll have to try every flavors of halo-halo! 😍 And three-cheese pizza, too! 🤤

  6. Their new food menu are impressive, lots of choices and Oh boy I'm into halo-halo.
    Will they open branch in the South?

  7. Your first paragraph made me so jealous. It's now end of March yet we are having a less 10degrees weather here in Seoul. and it was just a few days ago when a friend asked about our halo-halo. i miss the warm weather and miss halo-halo!


  8. I love pizza and croquettes, I am always excited to visit restaurants that serve such on their menu. The halo halo flavors look exciting too!


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