March 12, 2019

How To Remove Skunks From Your Premises

Skunk removal is tricky. If your house has been infested by skunks, you could be in trouble. Maybe you could remove skunks yourself, but this is dangerous. Skunks are the most common carriers of rabies. If you have pets, keep them away, at all costs. Read on to know more.

Why are skunks dangerous
Skunks are dangerous because they are a hotbed for rabies. If you have pets, keep them away. Skunks can pass on rabies to your pets through their saliva. Since they are solitary creatures, even the slightest disturbance could send them into a frenzy. If they get startled they release a spray from glands on their butts that have sulfur and some other stinky substances. If you get sprayed by a skunk the smell won’t leave you for days.

It is always a good idea to hire professional houston wildlife removal companies that have the experience and expertise to remove these critters.Skunks look for places to make their dens near their food sources. If they find a food source in your house they’d want to find a place nearby to stay in. They can burrow in your flower beds and even under the house, wherever they find soft soil. This is annoying if you’ve just tilled your flower beds and extremely dangerous for your house. Their burrows can shake the very foundation of your house.

How can you get rid of skunks
Getting rid of skunks is no joke and you definitely shouldn’t do it yourself. They do not transmit any diseases directly to humans but it’s better to be safe than sorry. What steps can you take to secure your house from your end?

Habitat modification
Making your house unattractive to skunks can drive them out naturally.  Clear up any food and berries that fall to the ground. This is will reduce their food source and they won’t have incentives to make your home theirs. If you place garbage cans outside, use tight-fitting lids so the skunks don’t have access to the food. Skunks thrive on insects too. Spray your garden and the perimeter of the house regularly to reduce their food source.Since skunks look for places to make their dens. If there are any loose piles of wood or leaves, these could be potential dens for skunks.

Setting traps
If skunks have started living under the house, then you just have to get rid of them because this is very dangerous for the house. You can set traps for them on your own but it is better to take the advice of a reputed wildlife control company. If the skunks are under the building then close off all entrances leaving just one open. Set a one-way door on this so skunks can come out but can’t go back again. But be mindful of the possibility of kits inside the hole. Even if you feel that you are equipped to handle skunks, hire houston skunk removal services for your first time.

Skunks not only put you at danger but also others in your family. They are the most harmful for pets. Even if you feel that you can let them stay for the sake of kindness, it’s still dangerous to everyone, even the skunks. Friendly skunks may get caught in other houses where they aren’t welcome.

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