March 23, 2019

Black Scoop Café - Maginhawa: Home of the White Rabbit and Yakult Soft Served Ice Cream

Establishments along the famous Maginhawa Street in Teachers Village QC have come and gone throughout the years. There are some that are still there and have established themselves well and then there are those that are up and coming. Maginhawa will always be known for food places that create a lot of buzz and rave. And there is no lack of creative ideas from food entrepreneurs that will stir people around Metro Manila to trek up north just to check if what's up and what's new at this well-known foodie destination.

One lazy Sunday afternoon I met up with my friends at UP for some Mang Larry's Isawan fix (which I'll blog about next). And then decided to get desserts at Maginhawa instead and meet with more friends. One of us saw Black Scoop Cafe's trending soft serve ice cream posts on Facebook and suggested that we tried that one out. We're all like, sure.

I'm always online and I'm pretty sure that I have come across that post but may have just scrolled past it. But yeah, I have never heard of Black Scoop Cafe until that Sunday. Could you believe? Despite that Black Scoop already have a couple of branches around Metro Manila. I don't know, probably because there's one too many cafes and milk tea places already that I get overwhelmed and just choose to default with what is familiar.

Black Scoop Cafe was hyped up mainly because of their creative and unique soft served ice creams that trended online. From what I've heard through the grapevines, Black Scoop is a brand that shares the same company that brought us the Infinitea Milk Tea. But besides those soft serve ice creams that went viral, this cafe also offers coffee (duh), milk teas, teas and food items.

The place was jam-packed when got there; understandable, it was a Sunday. But the place is actually very spacious and cozy with lots of furnishings in earth tones mixed with green and industrial pieces. I particularly love the communal table at the center of the store and the al fresco area at the back. It's quite cozy inside and I imagine it's a perfect place to study, work, read or just hang out there on weekdays where there are less people.

These are the offering of Black Scoop that we all agreed to try. We were looking at other items but a couple of them weren’t available, thus we ended up with these:

White Rabbit Flavored Soft Served Ice Cream - I so remember White Rabbit candies from my childhood! White Rabbit is a delicious and creamy milk candy with a thin sheet of edible rice paper wrapped around it and has originated from China. I recon there was a debate whether the wrapping was edible or not, but kids of the 80-90s would just eat it anyway! Hahaha! I have to be honest though that I completely forgot how it really tasted and all I know that it was sweet and milky. This was the trending flavor of Black Scoop’s soft served ice cream line. This one though for me tasted more like caramel cake, I love it though as it makes me feel entirely nostalgic and sets me off to memories of time when I was young and carefree.

Yakult Flavored Soft Served Ice Cream - I love Yakult so much! When I was young, I would always wait for the Yakult lady to pass by our house and buy a pack and drink them from their little plastic bottles in one sitting. I think I’ve tried several food items flavored Yakult my entire life. The yakult I know is a little teeny bit on the sour side, almost but not quite tastes like yogurt. But Black Scoop’s Yakult ice cream had a sweeter flavor to it with a hint of that sourness. I actually like it! It’s a unique flavor and highly distinctive from those yogurt ice creams.

White Rabbit Flavored Soft Served Ice Cream with Bison Pearl - this was the same flavor as the first one. Really creamy and smooth and with added “texture” with those Black Bison pearls. I love the pearls from Black Scoop as they are cooked well and very chewy which I prefer.

Hokkaido Milk Tea - I’ve many Hokkaido flavored milk teas throughout the years that milk tea became popular in the Philippines and each is different. This had a very rich and creamy taste with a bold black tea flavor.

Brown Sugar Latte with Cream Cheese - this is for me is the winner among all the things that we tried during our visit at Black Scoop. I love the play of rich sweetness from the brown sugar and the salty-tangy flavor from the cream cheese. This is a must try!

White Choco Sans Rival Cake Slice - a dessert cake made of layers of buttercream, meringue and chopped cashews. I definitely was a fan of this, if you’re into sweet things, then you’ll definitely love this. The white chocolate ribbon toppings and frosting were on point.

There’s so much more to try at Black Spoon Café that I really want to go back very soon! You know that summer weekends are best spent with friends or family especially with ice cream to cool down the heat, throw some milk tea in there too and it’s all we ever need right?

Contact Nos: +63 9175222256
Email: 101 Maginhawa Street, Teachers Village,
Quezon City

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