March 1, 2019

There's Something New at Oasis Garden Cafe - Solaire Resort & Casino

In the past, a café is usually a type of restaurant which usually serves coffee and snacks. Afterall, term café comes from the French word which means coffee. But nowadays, cafes closely resemble or actual restaurants, offering a range of meals, variety of drinks and sometimes also serving alcohol. Inside Solaire Resort and Casino you can find Oasis Garden Café and yes, it is more than just the hotel’s coffee shop.

Most people who have visited Solaire would tell you that the coffee and cakes at Oasis Garden Café are to die for (very true indeed) but you probably won’t hear them talking about the other offerings of this beautiful nook inside the massive concrete structure. But Oasis Garden Café isn’t just an ordinary hotel café that you’re familiar with.

In geography, an oasis is the combination of a human settlement and a cultivated area in a barren desert or semi-desert environment. Oasis is form in desert when there is underground river or water source beneath the surface, the water gets accumulated below the sand because of rocks beneath which water can't permeate. Thus, it becomes naturally fertile for plants. Sometimes migrating bird pass by over it, they stop by for water which can be the reason for natural seed planting.

True to its name, Oasis Garden Café is truly a sanctuary, breath of serenity and fresh air. Amongst the noisy casino floors and other facilities of Solaire, you will find this spacious haven tucked away from the bright lights. It’s truly a retreat perfect for your morning coffee and breakfast or brunch. It is located at the heart of the Sky Tower atrium surrounded by indoor plants with a faux waterfall running from the ceiling all the way to the ground.  It’s a marvel of a design that simply incorporates nature with the great indoors.

By day, they offer a wide selection of coffee, tea, traditional snacks and artisanal finger sandwiches. By night, watch as the café transforms into a stylish lounge, that offers great tasting dishes and full complement of cocktails and drinks. Plus live piano music serenades guests from 4pm until around 12 mindnight. There’s something for you to chomp on anytime of the day.

Oasis Garden Café was recently rebranded and revamped during the time of my visit with some foodie friends. We sampled some of their take on local and international cuisines:

Bangus Mousse - Sarangani smoked bangus, calamansi, garlic aioli, toasted pandesal. One of Oasis’ new appetizer and it was totally filling. Don’t make the mistake that I did as I ate one too many of this and forgot that it’s only one of the appetizers and we still have main dishes to try. It’s that good and addicting.

Cajun Shrimps - crispy fried panko and Cajun shrimps with mango salsa. I love how fresh and plump the shrimps were. I’m not as allergic as I was to shrimp before and if I don’t manifest any allergic reaction, I know the shrimp is fresh and cooked well. I like the crispy coating with that Cajun spices make for a delicious, spicy and earthy flavor.

Crispy Chicken Wings - comes with roasted peanuts, dried chili and scallions. These chicken wings are covered in Schezuan sauce which is usually super spicy. Thank goodness though that these wings just had the right amount of heat that I can tolerate and enjoy.

Croquetas - Iberico and Manchego cheese croquettes, garlic and saffron oil. These croquettes looks such a simple appetizer but this was prepared for hours. It’s made of rue flour, buttermilk, crushed Parma ham and melted Iberico and Manchego cheeses. Super love these and they were so packed with flavor! I gotta say these were my fave among all the appetizers.

Vongole - Western main: spaghetti, clams, garlic, cherry tomatoes, chili and arugula. Don’t be fooled by how simple this pasta dish looks, because every bite gives you so much flavor and will make you wonder where those flavors are coming from.

Chicken Inasal - Filipino main: spinach mousseline, roasted cassava sticks, green beans and spicy atsuete oil. This is by far the tastiest chicken inasals I’ve tried my whole life. Most inasal are bland tasting and needs seasoning just so it can carry some flavor. But this one, the chicken is already super tasty and very tender.

Kare Kareng Buntot ng Baka - Filipino main: ox tail, eggplant, strings beans, banana blossom with shrimp paste. Ugh, who doesn’t love this classic Filipino dish. They use fresh peanuts and grounded them to come up with this dish’s super thick sauce. I remember my grandmother’s kare kare with this because that is how she also cooks her kare-kare, the traditional way.

Tandoori Lamb - SE Asian main: Australian lamb chops roasted red onion, mint sauce and mango chutney sauce. My favorite of all the main dishes that we tried. Man, those lamb meats were the most tender I’ve eaten so far. Since, most lamb meat are gamier, but these were not at all gamier. I love the earthy spice flavor of these lamb chops.

Chicken Tikka Masala - SE Asian main: chicken tikka, spiced curt sauce, raita with choice of steamed Basmati rice or Naan bread. One of the favorites of our group as this dish has a delicious creamy tomato and curry sauce with and plenty of bold spices.

Malaysian Prawn Curry - SE Asian main: Tiger prawns, Sambal paste, lemon grass, sautéed Asian greens and steamed rice. First off, can I just say how huge and plump these prawns are. I love the earthy flavor of the curry and good thing that this has the right level of spiciness that I can tolerate. Loved this!

Of course, no great and sumptuous meal ends without some sweets! We also tried a variety of cakes from Oasis Garden Café, for which they are very known for. Some of the cakes are staples in the café’s menu but we also got to try 2 are new cakes: Mango Mascarpone Cake and Barako Tiramisu.

Dulce de leche Cheesecake and Bitter Chocolate 

Mango Mascarpone Cake

Tonka Bean Chocolate Ganache 

Barako Tiramisu

Ube Jam Cream Jelly

I loved all the cakes that we tried specially the Mango Mascarpone Cake as I'm such a sucker for mangoes and it's just so perfect for summer. The least that I liked was the ube since for me it lacked the rich and bold flavors of ube that I fancy. The coffees and mocktails are equally good too! Unfortunately, I forgot to take note their names. But one has peach and the other has lemongrass.

GF Solaire Resort & Casino,
Aseana Ave., Entertainment City, Parañaque City
Contact Nos: 02 8888888

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