March 27, 2019

5 Stellar Tips To Dress Your T-Shirt

T-shirts are incredibly versatile and stylish, we all know that! They are every man’s first choice. The secret to looking good in t-shirts is to always take care of the fitting.  Since most men use t-shirts roughly, the wear and tear of these garments are accelerated. There are ways to take care of your clothes especially t-shirts. In this article, we highlight a few key points on basic maintenance. Remember that there are 5 main factors you need to keep in mind – fit, fabric, color, style, and function. Let us delve deeper into each of these.

1.  Take care of the fitting
Women prefer men who wear a well-fitting t-shirt. It shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. A t-shirt that accentuates the ‘V’ shape of your torso is the right one for you. How do you check if the fitting is good? The seams of the t-shirt at the shoulders should align with the edges. If the seams are falling off your shoulders or too close to your neck, the t-shirt is too loose or tight. Next, let’s talk about the sleeves. The sleeves mustn’t be too long.

Choose a t-shirt with shorter sleeves if you have big arms.  The length of the t-shirt is important too. The right length is when the hem covers your hip and waistband of your trousers. It should be comfortable to tuck in without bunching up near the waist. T-shirt material is such that it sits snugly on the skin without being too tight. This basic guide will get you through most of your fittings.

2. Wear colors that suit you
Fill your wardrobe with a few staple colors. Gray, black, white and navy blue are safe colors and you must have them if you don’t already. You can pair these with any outfit and they suit any occasion. Take care while washing the light colored tees though. Don’t throw them in with the dark colors, lest they get spoiled. Experiment with other colors too. Reds, pinks, purples may suit you very well. Remember that any color that you can carry off is the right one for you, regardless of what anyone says. Choose colors that go well with your complexion. If the colors make you look dull, then they aren’t for you.

3. Wear your style
The first feature that catches the eye is the neck. You can pair t-shirts with any outfit. Just take care of the neck style. If you’re wearing a jacket with a collar, adorn a t-shirt with a collar as well. Adam White, founder of, says that the only way to pull off a cardigan with a t-shirt is to make sure you wear a classy t-shirt with a snug, straight neck. If you’re not sure what style of neck suits you, stick to crewnecks and V-necks. The other styles like boat necks, scoop necks are very trend oriented. Be on the safer side and steer clear of these if you’re doubtful. Polo necks and Henley-Y necks look good on everyone too. You can wear these to more formal occasions. Color coordinate your clothes. Wear a classic white t-shirt with denim and loafers.

4. Choose the right fabric
T-shirts come in all fabrics! We recommend cotton blends for maximum comfort though. A good amount of elastane in the fabric keeps the t-shirt long lasting. Cotton-polyester fabrics are long lasting and crease free. They are easier to print and less expensive than elastane blends. Cotton clothes are breathable and absorbent. You’ll feel really comfortable in these, especially in hot weather. Cotton is the first choice for t-shirt makers because of its versatility. It is easy to work with and long lasting. Combed cotton, organic cotton, Pima, Merino, and Jersey are the best for t-shirts.  They have long fibers which make them last long and resistant to wear and tear. Now you have the option of buying bamboo t-shirts too. This material has a soft sheen and is very breathable. It is also organic and would have fewer chances of causing allergies.

5. Decide the function of the t-shirt 
When should you wear a t-shirt? This garment is suitable for almost every situation. The only events you can’t wear these are formal occasions where you have a set dress code. Beach parties, traveling, playing sports are all events where a t-shirt is more than comfortable and the best choice.

If you’re looking for more clarity, you can assess the situation and the event. If you find yourself surrounded by t-shirts then feel free to dress down. But wear something which is different from the norm like a well-fitted polo t-shirt.

You can’t go wrong with these tips. Sport your t-shirt like it’s nobody’s business!

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