October 29, 2015

My SheIn.com Shopping Experience

As you all may well know, I am quite a fan of online shopping and one of the online clothing stores that I frequent is SheIn.com. I’ve been shopping from the site since January 2014 and have made more or less made 30 orders up to this day. I was able to shop from SheIn.com using various modes; either by using my own money, bonus points, coupons, winning prizes from SheIn contests and giveaways.


Ordering at SheIn.com is fairly easy. Just browse for the item that you want, choose your size and then add them to your cart. Once you're done, proceed to checkout. Choose the address where you want to send your items. Then  choose the payment option. SheIn.com have a couple of convenient payment options that you can choose from paypal, credit card, debit card or money transfer.

If you have bonus points better use them to save and always be on the lookout for coupon codes. They always give a lot of them so you better follow their social media accounts to be updated with the current promotions and available coupon codes. 

Shipping options can be standard or expedited. Standard shipping has a minimal fee if your order is below $30 and if it’s above $30 you get shipping for free. Expedited or express shipping (3-5 days usually) will also cost you but I like it better than standard shipping because my items gets delivered asap and right into my doorstep. 

The length of time for items to arrive using standard shipping varies from the country the items will ship. It is usually around 25 to 30 days. If the postal system in your country is efficient, you can get your items as fast as 15 days. Unfortunately the postal system in the Philippines is ancient so if I order via standard shipping I usually get my package around 25 to 30 days later. Do mind also that your order needs to be processed and quality controlled before it gets shipped out so the processing and shipping time are both different stories.


Also, you may want to check out these awesome items from SheIn.com:

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>> Multicolor Short Sleeve Vintage Print Dress (click here for details)

>> Khaki Long Sleeve Casual Dress (click here for details)

>> Black Spaghetti Strap Maxi Dress (click here for details)

>> Black Long Sleeve Sheer Lace Blouse (click here for details)

>> Black Long Sleeve Floral Print Dress (click here for details)

Online shopping has its highs and lows, and I want to be honest that I both experience those while shopping online at SheIn.com. But to be fair to SheIn, most of these purchases/online orders were fairly great. There are times when I received great customer service, and there are times that I don’t. Which I think would be a nice platform for SheIn to improve their business more. So if you need to tell them something, make changes in your order, inquire about other stuff or want to give a feedback, you can make use of their ticket feedback system and online help chat. They will pretty much get back to you as soon as they can. 

SheIn.com is probably on the top of my favorite online clothing store as evident by the number of clothes I bought and the orders I made from them. Trust me, you won’t get disappointed and that’s coming from an experienced SheIn constant shopper. Let me know if you have questions, I will be glad to assist a fellow fashion lover!

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  1. Hi Jen! Thank you for this helpful article. I recently tried purchasing online from shein. And i want to ask you if it really takes almost A MONTH for your package to get stuck in Philippine customs before it gets delivered to your doorstep? Ive been tracking my order and it hasnt changed since oct 13: its still with the Philippine customs. I wanted to ask also if you ever tried contacting our local post office regarding your shein ordrs....

    1. hi jessica, I usually get a notification from the post office around 25-30 days after completion of my order. Phil Post service really sucks so it takes longer time for the package to be ready for pick up. And no I havent tried calling them knowing I wont get any good response. I suggest though that you track your order at the PhilPost website or the one given by shein.com. If in case you still don't receive your items after 30 days you can contact shein for a replacement order.

    2. Well glad to know im not the only one who has had this experience. Thanks for your help!:)

  2. For standard shipping, do they deliver to your doorstep or do you need to pick them up at the post office?

    1. if you're from the Philippines and you avail of the standard shipping, you will have to pick up your package from the post office.

    2. I guess i will have to go with expidited shipping. Hate picking up packages from the post office since they charge you tax.

  3. For standard shipping, do they deliver to your doorstep or do you need to pick it up at the post office?


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