December 27, 2014

Home Improvements with CtwoTop

I have been wanting to do a lot of home improvements since we got married. Although we don’t own the place where we are living now, it's still would be nice to come home from work every day to a place where we can relax the best possible way that we can. Earlier this year we throw away our old dilapidated bed and we constructed our bed from scratch. We also bought a new mattress that is similar to the ones you can find in hotels. It was pricey but was one of the best investments that we purchased. We also bought some quality linens and bedding to further enjoy our new bed and some storage materials so we can store away our other stuff in an organized manner.

We have accumulated so many clothes over the years too that our little cabinet can’t store all of them anymore. So we decided to create a cabinet by DIY-ing again. We also bought a new TV as our Christmas gift to ourselves for working hard this year. We also added some little furnishings like shelves here and there. And our next plan would be to build an expandable dining table, folding chairs and buy a new sofa. Slowly we know we can transform our little apartment into something we can call our temporary home (of course we still dream we can buy our own house someday soon).

I want to also buy new decors and furnishings so that we can welcome the New Year ahead with something new. I am not superstitious but it wouldn't hurt if  I can somewhat have fresh start for our home right? Well I want to start with buying new set of curtains, ours were hand-me-downs and they are a little bit outdated already. And since I love checking and buying stuff online, I checked out this site named:

CtwoTop has a wide variety of home furnishings and decors that anyone who wants to beautify their homes can check out. I’m kind of falling in love with these curtains here that I love to put up in our humble apartment:

They also have this line of beautiful modern curtains that you can check out here: And if in case you find anything you like, here’s a coupon code from CtwoTop: likectwotop that will give you a $3 discount in your future purchase at their site.

I’d love to show you the improvements that we made in our place, but not until everything is finished, it would definitely be a great blog entry.

Until next time loves!

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