December 16, 2014

Coron 2014 Travel Diary: Day 3 Coffee Kong

The last time my husband and I were in Coron was in 2012. It has been slowly developing from a quaint town into a busy one since then, but this time around it has gotten more developed and busier than it used to be. Well, it came as no surprise, because Coron has been creating a lot of buzz and tourists (Filipinos and foreigners alike) are very eager to experience its beauty. There are a lot of new hotels and establishments that sprawled all over town, most I can’t remember if it has been there all along or were just recently built.

We normally don’t go out after a day of activities and island hopping because we were already too tired. During our 2012 trip we just walked around the town plaza and that was that. But the group that we are with during this 2014 trip seemed like they (Daryl and my sister Hazel most especially) got all the energy in the world that even after a tiring day of snorkeling, swimming and island hoping, they want to go around town.

After our dinner, they wanted to eat desserts, we went to two different restaurants just near where we were staying but didn’t find anything that we like so we all conceded and settled that we go to this coffee shop we passed by when we first arrived to Coron. The coffee shop is name Coffee Kong.

Coffee Kong is obviously owned by a Korean businessman, you can easily conclude that just by the establishment’s name and interior design.  The place has enough room to accommodate tourists who want a quick caffeine fix. They also have a wi-fi connection available and for free, you just need to ask the baristas for the passwords.

They offer a variety of both hot and cold coffee and teas plus they also serve a limited variety of pastries, bread and breakfast items. All of us agreed that their coffee is good. Since it was already late in the evening  I just ordered a Banana-Peanut shake and had chocolate syrup added to it, the shake reminded me of the one I always order at  Jonah’s Milkshake in Boracay.

I think it is the only coffee shop in Coron that opens early and closes late. Their store hours that is posted on their door says they are open from: 7:00am to 11:30pm

Coffee Kong: Chika-Chika!!!

You can check out their menu and price list here: MENU 1 |  MENU 2  | MENU 3

Coffee Kong
Brgy 5, National Highway Coron, Palawan
Store Hours: Daily  | 7:00am to 11:30pm

Coron 2014 Trip:

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