December 14, 2014

Wishes Do Come True: New Bag from

Hey everyone, I’m excited to share with you this new online shopping store that I recently discovered! Early last month I received an email from the marketing manager of stating that they would like to send over a product from their store for review. Before I show you guys what sent me, let me first introduce them to you. was established in 2011, it is an online shopping site for women and men's fashion. They carry high quality products including clothing, shoes, accessories, special occasion/wedding dresses, underwear and outdoor items. Fecbek’s products are very up to date with the current trends. Their company’s mantra is “Whatever fashion style you like, wherever you are, you can find the best one for yourself in Fecbek”. They ship to any destination around the world and guarantee high quality products, superior and fast service which makes them a very trust-worthy online shopping portal. They also often hold promotions and discounts and make sure that affiliates and customers alike experience a hassle-free and enjoyable online shopping.

It was very timely when Fecbek contacted me because I was about to celebrate my birthday [last November]. I was asked to choose a product that I want to review within the set price value. So after browsing through their website I found that they have a similar bag that I included in My Birthday Wishlist. I emailed the product that I want to receive for review to the marketing manager, I thanked her and told her that her asking me for collaboration seemed like a blessing from up above and that she was like a fairy godmother who answered one of my birthday wishes. After knowing that I am to celebrate my birthday she sent the item via express delivery so that it can still make it on or before my birthday. But since the mail delivery system in my country sucks and is super slow (sorry but that’s the truth), I was only able to get the product late last week. Better late than never....

photo of bag from the website
actual bag

The package came in the usual postal mail packet. Upon opening there’s another plastic bag and then a dust bag…. and then the bag! My jaw just dropped of what I saw after I removed the dust cover from the bag! First things first, it was soooooo beautiful! I received a mini bag with shoulder strap that is inspired by the Celine Paris Luggage bag. The first time I saw this bag, I really liked its design, but it is very far-fetched for someone like me to buy a bag like this because the real ones would usually cost a fortune.

The materials used for this bag are real leather and suede. The moment I opened the packaging I could already smell the scent of leather and upon inspecting it, I found out that it is actually  real leather; but of course not the high-end lambskin/calfskin leather with which the original ones are made of. They might not have used super high-quality and luxurious leather for this bag, but I couldn't care less!  It is STILL leather, so you know it is sturdy and will really last long. (You can check out the comparison of real Celine bags and replicas  here).

The appliqués and hardware (zippers, hooks etc) are also made of A-grade quality.

In most cases the lining of the bags that I often see (being sold online, at malls or at bazaars), are usually nylon or plain cloth; but this bag that I received from, even the lining is made of some sort of suede-ish material or felt cloth.

The colors that make up the bag are: royal blue, off white and black. Even if it is multi-colored the bag seemed to go well with any outfit don’t you think?

I also have to mention how friendly and nice the marketing manager and the customer service of Even though I know how to and I can track the package myself, they still offer to track it for me and will send me an update about the status of the shipment. They were also very prompt and respectful in answering my questions thru email. That  made me feel that they do take care of their customers and affiliates and know how to establish a lasting business relationship.

I am in such awe of the bag that I received from I wasn’t expecting much about how it would look like just because I am quite used to the quality of China-manufactured goods, BUT this one? It is way way beyond what I expected! It is an absolute beauty! The quality of the product is superb and that’s why I won’t mind purchasing from next time [using my own money], because I am at ease that I will receive nothing but quality products. I just love my birthday gift from!

You can check out this bag by clicking this link here: Women's Leather Double Hand Smiley Bags
Or you can see Fecbek’s entire bag collection here: Fecbek Fashion Handbags

For all other products that Fecbek is offering, just go to this link:

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