December 5, 2014

Stylish Platform Shoes from Shoespie

Choosing the right pair of shoes is very essential in putting together an ensemble; it can always make or break your outfit. Although it looks like it is a simple thing, it is really not. It is very critical especially when you’re going to use them for a particular occasion or weather. If you ask me, in purchasing a pair of shoes I always base my decision on the design of the shoes and not to where I am going to use them and why I am buying them. So I always end up with a lot of pairs but not able to utilize each and every one of them.

Let’s say for example you are getting married and you are thinking of buying a pair of shoes that will complete your whole bridal look. I know you will be searching all over the place and will be visiting a lot of stores until you find the “one”, that already says a lot about how it is not easy to look for the right pair of shoes.

Since you want to look regal and tall as you walk down the aisle, you would want to pick a pair with heels. But standing and walking all day in heels can get very tiring and can torture your feet and by the time your wedding program requires you to finally dance with your groom, your feet already feels like they are about to give up. Don’t fret; I have a tip for you! If you plan on wearing heels on your big day, look for a pair of platform shoes. I used to wear shoes that are high at the heels and flat at the front part and they have caused so much pain. This until I tried wearing platform shoes; they have greatly lessened the stress experienced by my feet. So I decided to get a platform shoes to complete my wedding attire when I got married in 2013.

I think another thing that you should also consider in buying your wedding shoes is “will you be able to use it again?” This is because a nice and comfortable pair of shoes can get a little bit pricey, so at least make the most out of your purchase and grab a pair that you can use even after your wedding day is all over. Check out these closed toe platform wedding shoes I’ve rounded up from that basically passes the criteria I’ve mentioned above:

I’m going to hit two birds in one stone in this blog feature so since it is cold this winter time and until early spring season, our feet needs to be kept warm and of course stylish as well. Not all shoes can give your feet proper insulation and warmth (and keeping them stylish too) this cold-weather season so I suggest you stock up on platform ankle boots. Ankle boots have been a must have pair of shoe style for years now and as I’ve said awhile back picking up a pair with platform will definitely make walking in heels easy breezy and will definitely give you that added height and boost of confidence.  Shoespie has a great selection of these platform ankle boots that you may want to browse; but let me share with you some of the pairs I truly adore:

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