December 15, 2014

Sheinside's Year End Back Sale!

*Sigh* How time flies.... it was just like yesterday that I started getting serious with blogging and now it has been a year since i regularly update my blog and then the next thing I know, 2014 is about to end. This  year has been very great so far in all aspects of my life and I am very grateful about it. 2015 is just around the corner, and it's time for us to prepare for a new year ahead.

Gone with the old and in with the new -- that should be our mantra! And after winter spring is about to come, new year and new life is ahead of us. I think this should also apply in our fashion sense, we gotta add some new things in our wardrobes to refresh it. Look more fashionable for the year ahead! Are you like me that if you're into something that makes you feel good boosts your confidence? Gearing up for the new year with confidence could be a key to accomplishing your dreams and goals for next year, power dressing as they say. is having their annual Year End Back Sale, where their most sought after products will be on big discounts! So if you have an item from your wishlist that has been long sitting in your wishlist, this is the best time to go and get it before it gets out of stock. This promotion will run from Dec. 10 to 17, 2014 only, so don't miss out on this one!

Here's a round up of what's included in this Year End Back Sale that you may want to add to your cart that can update your wardrobe for the year ahead. And as always, you can click the links under the photos to check more details:

left to right: 
> Fashion Gold Diamond Ring  (click here for details)
> Gold Diamond Geometric Ring (click here for details)
> Blue Drop Gemstone Gold Dangle Earrings  (click here for details)

left to right: 
> Blue V Neck Long Sleeve Mohair Loose Sweater (click here for details)
> Silver Rhinestone High Heeled Point Toe Shoes  (click here for details)
> Pink Blue Stripe Tassel Scarf (click here for details)

left to right: 
> Black and Ivory High Neckline Tie Back Maxi Dress  (click here for details)
>  Black Spaghetti Strap Rose Print Long Dress (click here for details)
> Yellow Sleeveless Floral Full Length Tank Dress  (click here for details)

left to right: 
> Black Long Sleeve Embroidered Loose Blouse  (click here for details)
> White Long Sleeve Bead Knit Sweater  (click here for details)
> Blue Long Sleeve Vintage Floral Loose Dress  (click here for details)

left to right:
> Beige Lapel Long Sleeve Floral Crop Blazers  (click here for details)
> Grey Contrast PU Leather Zipper Woolen Jacket (click here for details)
> Khaki Long Sleeve Loose Chiffon Outerwear (click here for details)

Look ahead for the new year with updated wardrobe and with more confidence and go and check out Sheinside's YEAR END BACK SALE COLLECTION by clicking the banner and links below:

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