December 6, 2014

Introducing: The App

I love online shopping, I even shop through social media businesses. I don’t know, but I really find it convenient especially that our lives are so fast-paced that having to stay at malls for the entire day just to look for something may lead to wasting of precious time. But Divisoria, which is our local version of the Chatuchak Market in Thailand or Guangzhou in China, is a completely different story,  that’s the only shopping place I can stay and walk around, back and forth from dusk until dawn! But only if I have all the time in the world. Since it is the holidays people from all over Metro Manila flock to Divisoria and it tends to get super crowded, not to mention the chances of being victimized by pick-pockets and the intolerable traffic  to Divisoria. So yeah, I would not have the chance to visit it this season to buy gifts and outfits. So I (always) opt to shop online instead.

Anyway, I want to introduce you guys to, it is one of the online stores I regularly visit because they have pretty good items to offer. Although I haven't had the chance to purchase anything from their website, but you guess it right that I have lots of items that I added to my Sammydress account's Wishlist cart. Their dresses are super trendy and are very affordable too! Hmmm, that doesn't give this website justice when I said "affordable", the right words should be: "cheaper than most of the online clothing stores I frequently visit". They also offer free shipping! Yey for that!

Here's some items from Sammydress that I'm dying to have! And you wouldn't believe when I say  that the prices of their dresses starts at $4!? I have seen similar dresses from other sites but Sammydress' price is to beat!

Aside from clothing, shoes, bags and accessories for women, men and kids, Sammydress also carries home decors and other household decors and products, check out these wall decals, aren't these lovely?? I want one for our bedroom!

See more here:

Sammydress just launch their mobile app for Android Smartphones and iPhones which fans of the site can download for free and enjoy exclusive perks and discounts! Best feature would be the 8% off when you purchase using the app, who doesn't like discounts?? I know I do!

You can get the app via:

1. Download :
or click the photos below to directly download the app:

2. Scan QR code:

3. Google Play: 

Get that dress, bag, accessories or shoes that you love from Sammydress even while you're on the go!

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