December 10, 2014

Coron 2014 Travel Diary: Day 2 Coron Bay Tour Part 2

I want to come to a point in my life that I won't buy things anymore, but buy plane tickets and the only thing that I want is to make enough money to be able to travel. I have been dreaming to be a citizen of the world so that I will not be ignorant or prejudice. I want to be able to immerse myself in every culture if given the opportunity.

A few months back Cebu Pacific Airline had a airfare sale and I took the chance and booked a ticket to paradise which is Coron in Palawan. This will be my fourth time in Coron, there is something about this place that keeps us coming back for more. I have blogged about Coron during our first few visits which I will list the links below. But this time around we were with our friends and my sister who are all first timers. It is also my reward to myself and partly my 30th birthday celebration as well.

For our second day itinerary we did a tour of Coron Bay which is a whole day of snorkeling, swimming, hiking and admiring the beautiful limestones cliffs, lakes and marine parks in and around Coron Island. These tour included Siete Pecados, Kayangan Lake, Twin LagoonHidden Lagoon (which we cant swim the  waters because it is full of jelly fish and stone fishes and was too shallow for our boat to go any further inward), Barracuda Lake, Coral Garden and CYC Beach.

Twin Lagoons
After our short visit to Hidden Lagoon we moved on to the Twin Lagoons where you need to go under a small/cave-like opening on one of the limestone cliffs surrounding the inner lagoon. If you can remember the movie “The Beach” it is just like that lagoon featured in the movie but there’s no beach just water. You may also notice that the water inside the lagoon looks like oil was spilled on it, but it is actually a mix of the salt water from the sea and the fresh water from the cliffs. There are also points where the water is cold one minute then if you swim a few meters it gets warm. Kinda weird but cool, nonetheless it is such a beautiful place. Unfortunately we didn’t have an underwater camera so we weren’t able to take photos inside the lagoon. You can just Google for some photos inside the big lagoon if you want to see some pics.

Barracuda Lake
The next destination is Barracuda Lake which is another lagoon in the northern Coron Island. The lagoon is actually enclosed and surrounded by limestone rocks but they have created wooden ladders/steps so that tourist won’t have a hard time trekking to the lake.

There’s a legend that a big barracuda lives in its waters (even though it’s fresh water) and some have claimed to have seen it. Our friends also dove from one of the limestone cliffs inside Barracuda Lake (which was super deep if you try to look down).

Coral Garden and CYC Beach
Our last two stops were Coral Garden and CYC Beach. The Coral Garden which is actually a part and can be found just a few meters away from the CYC Beach. During our last few visits to Coron, we chilled out at CYC beach and didn’t go snorkeling. But this time around, on our way to CYC and Coral Garden we experienced a light rainshower so the sand at the beach was wet which made us decide to just snorkel near where our boat was parked. But after the rain a rainbow showed up and it was just added to the beauty of Coron!

At waist-deep water you can already see a lot of fishes swimming; the water was so clear that you can already see them even if you don’t put your head in the water. We also found a “rock starfish” just near our boat, it’s not your usual starfish because it’s round and looks like a rock but if you turn it over you will see that it has 5 lines underneath with tentacles sticking out from it (we already saw something like it during our first visit to Waling-Waling Island, Coron but it was colored blue unlike this one which was brown).

And that caps our second day in Coron. We went back to the town proper where Mommita’s Lodge is (our home in Coron) and we were served with a hearty dinner which included . It was a very tiring day full of swimming, trekking, climbing and snorkeling, but every minute was all worth it!

Coron 2014 Trip:

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