December 17, 2014

Coron 2014 Travel Diary: Day 4 No Name Bar (Pacquiao vs Aligieri Match)

Whenever we are in Coron we usually don’t go out after dinner. Coron is not a party place like Boracay, but there are a couple of well known and established bars around town that you can check out if you want to have a few drinks after a long and tiring day of activities. Iwas able to try Helldiver’s Bar the first time we were in Coron, which I have a written about and you can read it here: . You can always Google or ask your host of other recommended and well known local bars that you can go to.

On our fourth day, we didn’t have any scheduled activity anymore, since 4 of us will have to go back to Manila at 1pm. But since Manny Pacquiao had a match with Aligieri that Sunday morning, I am a big fan of Pacquiao we looked for a nearby restaurant and bar that will show the match live. Just a few meters away from Mommita’s Lodge we found No Name Bar and they will be showing the match that Sunday.

No Name Bar is owned by a Swiss national and is run by his wife’s family because they are currently in Switzerland, I had a small talk with the owner’s mother-in-law and she relayed me this information. The staff are very nice and accommodating, although they were kinda busy that morning because a lot of customers, foreigners and Filipinos alike were pouring in to see Pacquiao battle Aligieri.

No Name Bar completely has an island feel to it, the interiors are mostly made of bamboo and wood. It is a small place though and during evening it tends to get crowded (judging that opinion when we pass this place, twice, the nights  before). They have a humble line up of drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and food items which are all posted on the walls of the bar for guests’ reference.

We had to pay PHP 250 pesos per person just to be able to get inside the bar and watch the Pacquiao vs Aligieri fight via pay-per-view. The fee was consumable so it was reasonable. Although their menu entries and drinks are kinda pricey than usual, but what can you expect? Most establishments on tourist spots price their services and commodities higher than the usual.

I ordered onion rings, mango shake and a Coke solo so as to have something to chew on and drink while watching the bout and that already ate up my consumable 250 pesos but it was ok, pay-per-view fights are expensive and I know most of what I paid will just got to the fee for paying for that.

Overall, even though we didn’t go there to drink (it was Sunday morning and I don’t drink anymore), I can say that we had a great time. Not only that Pacquiao won over Aligieri, the people who ran No Name Bar were very nice and very accommodating. They even asked us when we are leaving and when they learned we were leaving that afternoon they even told us to take care and that they hope to see us again in No Name Bar whenever we go back to Coron.

No Name Bar - Coron
National Highway, Brgy. Poblacion 3
Coron, Palawan, Philippines

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