December 11, 2014

Coron 2014 Travel Diary: Day 3 - Banana Island

I want to come to a point in my life that I won't buy things anymore, but buy plane tickets and the only thing that I want is to make enough money to be able to travel. I have been dreaming to be a citizen of the world so that I will not be ignorant or prejudice. I want to be able to immerse myself in every culture if given the opportunity.

A few months back Cebu Pacific Airline had a airfare sale and I took the chance and booked a ticket to paradise which is Coron in Palawan. This will be my fourth time in Coron, there is something about this place that keeps us coming back for more. I have blogged about Coron during our first few visits which I will list the links below. But this time around we were with our friends and my sister who are all first timers. It is also my reward to myself and partly my 30th birthday celebration as well.

For our third day itinerary  we visited Banana Island and Malcapuya Island which are islands close to each other and can be reach by almost 2-hour boat ride from the port of Coron. Our third day was more on relaxing and less of the activities. The almost two hour boat ride to these islands can get a little boring and scary especially if the waves are strong, but once you see the island from afar, those feelings will immediately be replaced with excitement and awe.

Banana Island
Our first stop for the day was Banana Island. This is by far the most visited among the islands in this part of Coron because there is normally no restrictions here (and I think has the cheapest entrance fee among the islands nearby). Of course there are fees you have to pay to be able to visit this island but most of the time they’re included in the tour packages (so are the lunch and snacks).

Banana Island is my third favorite among the 3 islands I’ve been to in Coron [Waling-Waling/Bulog Island is the first (see blog post about it here) and Malcapuya comes second]. It is beautiful, has its own charm and has super fine powdery white sand too. It can get crowded especially in the summer because most tour agency bring their guests here; this is because there are a handful of activities you can do here like play volleyball and use the kayaks.


But what I love about Banana Island the most are: its picturesque beach complete with small trees emerging from the sand, the 2-storey open cottage at the center and most of all the abundance of marine life. At waist-deep you can already see school of fishes and they aren’t afraid of people, sometimes you really don’t need to use a snorkel just to be able to see them because the waters at Banana Island are so clear.

This is where we also had our lunch. And I bet you will agree with me when I say nothing beats a hearty lunch by the sea! Even though I am allergic with seafood, I always look forward to the eating time part of our every Coron trip. Don't worry I always take my anti-histamines before I gorge down any  seafood.

Btw, you can have an overnight stay at Banana Island but you have to pay additional on top of your tour package and you must coordinate it with your tour host prior to your arrival in Coron.

Coron 2014 Trip:

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