January 12, 2020

A Bite of Hunan BGC x Jufran

Growing up, I was never fond of eating spicy food. As much as I could I would avoid them because I have very low tolerance for it. I also hate the numbing feeling that lingers on my mouth which in turn makes me drink more water, I get full easily and don’t get to enjoy the food I’m eating. But as I grow older, I’ve tried spicy food once in a while and I progressed to liking them that there was even a time I would always eat spicy Caldereta, dynamites (chili filled with cheese) and even a spicy Sinigang because I started to enjoy the kick. Although there are just dishes that are too spicy for me, but I am a brave girl, so I still try to eat some.

When I went to A Bite of Hunan for the Jufran Sauces Event, for some reason, it totally slipped my mind that what they are offering are mostly spicy food. I was like duh, Jen, “Hunan”… plus this was in partnership with Jufran and they were promoting their new line of sauces which were mostly spicy. But I am a big girl, I can do this! I just need more water or watermelon juice to help die down the sting of all the chilies and all the peppers! If you're not from the Philippines, you can try checking out Sachili for some infused chili toppings and amped up your dishes!

If you’re not familiar, there are Eight Great Traditions of Chinese cuisine and one of them is Hunan which is well known for its for its hot and spicy flavors, fresh aroma and deep colors. Hunan cuisine consists of the cuisines of the Xiang River region, Dongting Lake and western Hunan Province in China. Due to the high agricultural output of the region, ingredients for Hunan dishes are many and varied but is known for its liberal use of chili peppers, shallots and garlic. Often spicier by pure chili content and contains a larger variety of fresh ingredients.

Both Hunan and Sichuan cuisine are perhaps significantly oilier than the other cuisines in China, but Sichuan dishes are generally oilier than Hunan dishes. Another characteristic distinguishing Hunan cuisine from Sichuan cuisine is that, in general, Hunan cuisine uses smoked and cured goods in its dishes much more frequently. Hunan menu also changes with the seasons. . In a hot and humid summer, a meal will usually start with cold dishes or a platter holding a selection of cold meats with chilies for opening the pores and keeping cool in the summer. In winter, a popular choice is the hot pot, thought to heat the blood in the cold months.

A Bite of Hunan’s is at the second floor of W Global Center along 9th Ave in BGC. This space used to be occupied by IHOP and it’s a very spacious area with floor-ceiling glass walls overlooking the streets down below. And probably because this area is quite huge, they were able to create two small private/function rooms on each end. There are also booth seats, normal tables and chairs, plush seats attached to the wall. The décor, garbs and furnishings are a little grand, as typical with Chinese upscale restaurants  On the same floor, you can also find their tanks of live seafood.

Let’s now talk about the food offered by A Bite of Hunan that puts focus on making the most traditional Hunan cuisine dishes:
Tofu Pudding – savory melt-in-the-mouth savorysily smooth soybean tofu pudding that blends sweet and sour with hot and spicy.

Pickled and Dried Tofu Bun – soft steamed buns filled with pickled and dried tofu incredibly flavorful and best paired with Jufran’s Sweet Chili Sauce.

Steamed Meat Bun – soft steamed buns filled with pork pieces tofu and also best paired with Jufran’s Sweet Chili Sauce.

Fried Bread Stick – these will remind you of churros, but they are a little denser and on the savory side.

Kung Pao Chicken – stir-fried chicken cubes with peanuts, vegetables, and chili peppers. This is my favorite dish at A Bite of Hunan. The level of spiciness was tolerable and loved the smoky flavor, so I enjoyed it so much!

Stirfried Wood Ear Mushrooms – this lovely appetizer includes wood ear mushroom and chilies that is crunchy and spicy plus it’s super healthy and delicious too.

Spicy Fried Clam – stir-fried clams with chilies and other spices; the flavor is vibrant and fiery hot they are too hard to resist.

Braised Tilapia – tilapia in tomato chili sauce topped with chopped red chilies and spring onions.

Fried Shrimps – simple dish of shrimps fried with some chili sauce but so tasty.

Spicy Fish Head – imported lake fish from China with noodles, large red chili peppers and spicy soup. The soup is really spicy but super good. The fish has flaky milky white meat.

Shredded Duck – hearty stew of shredded duck meat in rich and spicy sauce.

Chicken with Chili Sauce – deep fried breaded chicken in sweet chili sauce. This was one of my favorites too.

Beef Ox Tongue – a delicacy made of soft ox tongue slices topped with super spicy and thick chili sauce.

Marinated Duck Wing – juicy duck wings marinated in soy sauce and chili sauce.

Duck Blood Stew – duck blood cubes stewed in super spicy and numbing chili sauce. I think this was the spiciest of all the dishes.

All of the dishes were spicy, some were just mild some were too spicy for my liking. But I am a brave girl, so I tried everything. Good thing there’s a watermelon juice within reach to neutralize all the spiciness. I sweated so much while eating all the spicy food from A Bite of Hunan, but totally enjoyed everything; especially that I was with my good foodie friends.

W Global Center, 30th Street cor. 9th Ave.,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Contact Nos: +63 9668665888
Email: abiteofhunanmakati@gmail.com

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