January 19, 2020

Shari Shari Kakigori House - Authentic Japanese Shaved Ice Dessert Shop in BGC

They say the Japanese people do all things better. I couldn’t agree more with that, I mean have you seen their New Year fireworks during the annual New Year's celebration? I haven't seen anything like it! Ok, some of the fireworks display from around the world were grand too, but Japan had something new up their sleeves. It was majestic and super amazing.

In Japan everything is an art; and this is why I am so enthralled with this country and have been dreaming of visiting it in the near future. When I say everything, even with their food and also their desserts! I can’t remember if it was a friend or someone on social media who posted about those pretty desserts being sold in supermarkets and stores in Japan and I was totally amused.

There is not much places here in the Philippines nor in Metro Manila where you can find a place where they specialize Japanese desserts. Until Shari Shari Kakigori House opened its doors in BGC! Shari Shari can be found at Serendra and share a space with Brown Cafe (which I also tried with my friends and will blog about that one too).

Shari Shari a dessert place offering flavored shaved ice. Although their shaved iced is different from familiar ones like the bingsu or our local halo-halo. Unlike with halo-halo though the shaved ice is finer, softer but doesn’t melt that easily. Imagine it like a fresh powder snow shaped like a circular mountain. Now it is similar to bingsu because of its consistency and that it also comes with fillings and toppings.

Strawberry Special

Kakigori is Japanese shaved ice dessert flavored with syrup and a sweetener, often condensed milk and was once enjoyed only by the aristocrats in Japan. Its history relays that the Japanese get blocks of natural ice from frozen lakes and mountains in the winter and then they store it up to be enjoyed in the summer. Years passed and it became a dessert for the masses too and has been a staple Japanese dessert from there on.

Black White Angel

We tried two of their classic variants: Strawberry Special and Black White Angel. The Strawberry Special has strawberry milk syrup and topped with whipped cream and fresh strawberry. On the other hand, the Black White Angel has milk syrup, chocolate syrup, topped with whipped cream and filled with crushed Oreo cookies.

I love both flavors! The Black White Angel was super fun to eat because it has surprises that comes with it. You have to pour a chocolate syrup over it which was amusing to do and see and the surprise of bits of crushed Oreo cookies inside when you scoop the shaved ice. But since I’m a big strawberry fan and that I love anything strawberry, the Strawberry Special appealed to me more. I mean, strawberries and cream/milk, they are the best combo and that is just simply irresistible. Plus, it has this light flavor to it that is truly enjoying.

Will I go back? Perhaps, I am curious with their other flavors and I want to try more. The shaved ice dessert is just really a joy to eat especially when you’re with friends! Because it’s a huge dessert that’s meant to be shared.

G/F Serendra, McKinley Parkway, Bonifacio Global City
Contact Nos: 0961 201 4136
Email: sharishari.ph@gmail.com

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