January 29, 2020

Secrets to a Happy Marriage

When you’re home fresh from your honeymoon, it can be hard to imagine there will ever be any obstacles in your marriage. However, after a few months together, you might start seeing some challenges, especially if you don’t have much relationship experience. In reality, healthy marriage requires work, love, commitment and respect in order to give you back the happiness you deserve. Here are a few important keys to work on every day which will bless you with a successful marriage.

Be your authentic self
First things first, you need to be able to be yourself in your marriage. The more you express your authentic self, the happier, stronger and more fulfilling your relationship is going to be. And since most people put on masks for others, living your truth can be easier said than done. Being vulnerable takes not only time and energy but also the courage to tell all about your thoughts, desires and feelings. Even though hard, making these steps is key to a happy marriage.

Communicate often
One of the best ways to keep your marriage working is to talk to your partner every day. Of course, you probably discuss work, errands, kids and bills, but how often do you talk about your hopes, dreams, goals, fear and anxieties? Also, ensure you’re a good listener who takes their time to understand what their partner feels and wants from the relationship. Keep those back-and-forth communication lines open and make sure to talk about more than just house and work.

It’s normal to disagree
No matter how harmonious you two are, you won’t agree on every single thing. But, when you inevitably disagree, make sure to be respectful and fair. Both of you should tell your sides and try to compromise. It’s very important not to get angry and too frustrated. It’s better to press pause, walk away and return to finish the discussion when you had some time to think and calm down.

Spend time together
If you want your marriage to work, you need to invest some serious time. All successful relationships require quality time spent together, even though that’s not always easy to do. If you have a job, a house and a family to take care of, it’s very easy to lose that romance factor with your spouse. So make sure to consciously set time aside for your partner and have occasional date nights. Dinner, movies and some intimacy in bed will do wonders for your relationship. You can even explore the idea of interesting adult toys if you struggle to keep your nights together spicy and fun. These toys will make everything feel fresh and naughty which is just what you need sometimes.

Have plenty of me-time
Being alone is just as important as being with your partner. This me-time will give you space to recharge your batteries, think and enjoy your hobbies. Sure, it can be very tricky to find this time when you’re married with kids, but it’s very important to try. For instance, you can go out for a walk, volunteer, take a class or just go upstairs and read a book. When you come back refreshed, you’ll love your spouse even more.

Set goals
You use this trick to advance your career or fitness, so why not use it to improve your marriage? Setting goals can do a lot of good for you, especially if you clearly define what you want to achieve. Here’s an idea: in 2020, take out your spouse for dinner and movies at least once a month and spend one evening a week without phones and TVs and just talk and cuddle. Setting goals might push you to face some relationship fears but it will pay off.

Learn to forgive
You and your spouse will both make mistakes along the way that will make you feel upset and even really angry. However, don’t run away from those feelings. Acknowledge them, talk about them and let them go. Let past sit in the past and concentrate on forgiveness and patience. If your partner admits their fault, don’t bring up past errors and create a hostage situation. If you’re really struggling, you can even seek couple’s therapy.

If you stay committed to your family and support your partner emotionally every day, you will build good foundations for a happy and long marriage. Your relationship might change with years, but these keys to happiness always stay the same.

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