January 23, 2020

TeaMi is Now Open at SM North EDSA Annex!

Milk Tea will always hold a special place in every Filipino's heart. Well, the milk tea craze may have peaked a couple of years ago, but the dust hasn’t settled yet we're all still sipping. And this has just confirmed that our love for milk tea is here to stay.

I can’t remember when it happened, but I had a conversation with fellow foodies and one asked what food trend do we think would go out this 2020. Someone said Korean BBQ buffet, someone said milk tea. Some agreed and some did not. But looks like both food trend is here to stay.

To prove the point that the milk tea craze is here to stay, just this month, a homegrown brand, TeaMi just opened their third branch at SM North EDSA Annex. To date, this is their largest store. TeaMi's store at SM North EDSA is really nice; it has that kawaii mixed with vintage feel and there are board games you can borrow and play while you stay at the place while you sip on their yummy milk teas.

TeaMi offers a wide range of drinks, 10 series to be exact. The brand is fully Filipino owned but the teas that they use are imported from China and Taiwan. My friends and I got to try a couple of their drinks which are mostly their best sellers.

Brown Sugar Pearls Oreo Milk Tea

From the Brown Sugar Peal Milk Series, we tried the Brown Sugar Pearls Milk Tea and the Brown Sugar Pearls Oreo Milk Tea. Since these has brown sugar, they taste very sweet but with that burnt brown sugar flavor as well. The only difference is that one has crushed Oreo cookies mixed to it and topped with a piece of Oreo cookie as well. Both are equally yummy.

Brown Sugar Pearls Milk Tea

We got three flavors from the Dirtea Series, the second most popular series in Teami’s menu. The 3 flavors were: Strawberry Dirtea, Taro Dirtea and Mango Dirtea. This series is called Dirtea because of the swirls of the syrup or jam that is spread o the surface of the cup, and not because they use tea leaves that are not finely dried or sifted. Among the three flavors, I like the Strawberry a lot. Although I am a big fan of Mango, the Mango Dirtea didn’t appeal to me that much. The Taro was just so-so for me.

Strawberry Dirtea

Mango Dirtea

Taro Dirtea

And the last drink that we tried is the Creamy Cake Teami Tea Latte from the Creamy Cake Tea Latte Series. All the drinks in this series is topped with a super thick whipped cream. This is actually the drink that I liked most if we’re talking of milk tea. The taste is so similar to my ultimate favorite milk tea drink (which I will not name of course), so I really liked this one.

Creamy Cake Teami Tea Latte

If you want to get PHP 20 off of your Teami Milk Tea drink, you can use my code: JEN20. Just tell the cashier of this code so they can apply the discount. The discount code can be use per drink and only at their SM North EDSA Annex branch.

Upper Ground Floor, The Annex,
SM City North EDSA, Quezon City
Email: teaminicetea@gmail.com
Facebook: facebook.com/TeaMiPh

For more information, complete menu and restaurant reviews, check out their Zomato profile: 
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